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From the immortal words of each relative you've ever encountered in a family gathering,"How's school?" If the honest answer to that question bums you out, know those feelings of disappointment can really be a good thing. A 2017 Concordia University study discovered that pupils who experience bouts of negative emotions throughout their undergrad--such as anxiety or frustration over their academics--wind up becoming better marks than people who are consistently happy or miserable. The conquer you're feeling now is your proven best motivator to receive your marks up prior to the session ends! Science literally says. Read more

Many organizations and institutions involved in interfaith dialogue helped and supported the production of “Out of Cordoba.” Some of these are listed below. We urge you to become involved with these organizations.

Cordoba Initiative / ASMA Society

Rabbis for Human Rights

Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement

United States Institute of Peace

Jewish-Islamic Dialogue Center

The Muslim American Society

WebIslam (Spain)

Ibn Rushd (Averroes) Fund for Freedom of Thought

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