3-Day Diet Analysis Report

Published: 2021-07-07 00:22:01
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My current eating habits are not the best. There are days I will not eat until dinner time just because of lack of taking the time to do so. However, I do try to make home cooked meals as they are the best for our bodies and our overall health.There are six main food groups we are recommended to eat. There six main food groups are six ounces of grains, two and one-half cups of vegetables, two cups of fruit, three cups of dairy products, five and one-half ounces of protein foods, and six teaspoons of oils per day. My daily eating habits compared to the recommendations I received from the Food Pyramid Guide is that in some categories I am over or under the specified targeted amounts recommended. However, empty calories I am over the limit. My daily intake was always less than the 2,000 calories allowance, but the balance of foods was not there.In grains, Icon,summed one ouch of whole grains and four and one-half ounces of refined grains. I was under in the number of whole grains and over in the refined grains, but under the daily limit for the entire product. I was entirely under the recommended amount of vegetables intake which showed me I needed to consume many more vegetables and add them to my daily diet. In the fruit category, it is recommended to drink two cups where I only consumed three fourths a cup.This shows me that I need to add more fruits to my daily diet. Dairy products are hard for me to drink as I am lactose and tolerant so I was not surprised to see that the recommended three cups of daily was nowhere near my three-fourths cup intake. However, dairy is essential to our diet balance, so I think I need to consume more dairy products. Of the protein foods five and one-half ounces a day is recommended, and I wasted six which means that I am one half an ounce over the daily limit. I believe that by cutting my intake by one half, an ounce will not be a hard or lousy change but an important one so that I am not getting over my limit. I consumed three teaspoons of calories which I am proud to say is half the recommended allowance. However, I am nearly double over my empty calories limit, my total calories intake average is 1498 which is under the 2000 calorie allowance.My overall nutrient intake affects my current health, and my future health is not changing it by not giving me all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals we need to live a full and healthy lifestyle. We need all the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to keep our bodies active and healthy. Since I am not consuming all these nutrients, vitamins and minerals, it means my body is lacking those specific necessities to keep it healthy and robust. It also means that I can get diseases and illnesses more comfortable as my body cannot adequately protect itself from them. I have deficiencies in my body due to a lack of consuming a healthy balance of foods. My body is without certain foods so it is not up to fighting illnesses off in a way that may be necessary if my body is attacked by a particular virus, illness, or disease.My new diet and nutrient intake affect my current and future health by making me intake a healthy balance of all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep my body healthy, active and prevent illnesses and diseases at bay. It gives my body a fighting chance to be illness and disease free. It will continue to make me healthy, making my body healthier. It will give me the energy to keep up with life’s daily endeavours My new diet and nutrient intake will keep me from getting health risks like cardiovascular disease. When we partake in consuming all the necessary foods to nourish and strengthen our bodies which makes us healthier which will allow us to live longer lives.

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