5 Law Firm Website Development Best Practices You Must Know

Published: 2021-07-07 00:00:03
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Attorneys are depending on websites to create a distinct identity and stand apart from their competitors in the digital as well as the real world. However, it is essential that some best practices are followed during the law firm website development process. This will be helpful in the creation of an attractive interface with rich, user-friendly features. Moreover, the website will perform optimally and help its owner attract more clients and generate more revenue. Legal services are being commoditized and professionals need to understand the importance of branding in order to reach more members of the target audience. In this article, a list of the most effective procedures which must be followed while undertaking a lawyer website development project is being presented for the benefit of developers as well as attorneys.1. Create A Simple But Unique DesignAttorney websites must not be flashy and instead, use a simple design scheme. However, this does not mean that developers must not aim to create an attractive interface. They must use a clean and uncluttered layout so that the focus is on the brand and its message. Large, well-shot images can be included in the design to generate visual appeal. The best legal interfaces have full-width images spanning the entire screen with only a few lines of text content on the home page. They also display the contact information like telephone number and email ID prominently on all pages.2. Choose An Easy To Learn Web Building PlatformThe platform being used for building the website is of utmost importance. It will affect not only the development process but also website management. It will be pertinent if easy to learn platform like Content Management Systems (CMS) are used for the purpose. These platforms are fitted with all the major elements needed to build an interface. Users only need to pick and choose the options they require for their interface and it will be created quickly. Such tools make development an effortless process. Website owners also find these solutions helpful as they make tasks like content management, backup creation etc. very easy. WordPress is a prime example of a CMS which is popular with developers as well as business owners.3. Integrate Existing Branding Elements In The DesignThe best law firm website design effectively communicates the agency’s branding message to the audience. Branding is an important part of web design and it will be pertinent to include existing marketing elements like logos in the new layout. In case, the client uses a color scheme in physical promotional material which the target audience has started associating with the firm, then the same palette must be used in the design. Moreover, attorneys must try to obtain a domain name which exactly matches their firm’s name.4. Create A Mobile-friendly InterfaceMobile phones have become the device of choice for a majority of internet users across the world. They are using these gadgets to search the web for solutions. All law firm website development professionals must ensure that the interfaces they create are mobile-friendly in nature. This will help their clients reach out to the smartphone using members of the target audience. They must use responsive web design techniques so that the final interface is easily displayed on all kinds of devices. It will also be helpful in ensuring a good experience to the website visitors.5. Ensure Optimum Page Loading SpeedAn interesting trend became visible as mobile traffic increased across all geographical locations. It is seen that mobile internet users are more impatient than those using desktops and abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. In order to prevent high abandonment rates on legal websites, it is necessary to make sure that the page loading time is kept to minimum possible levels. Developers must use code minification techniques to reduce the bloat on websites. They must also resize and optimize images before uploading them on the interface. Attorneys must choose a reputed and dependable hosting service for their firm’s website. They can also use caching and Content Delivery Networks (CDN) for faster delivery of their pages to users.ConclusionThese best practices must be a part of all law firm website development projects so that interfaces with a distinctive appearance can be created. Using these techniques will help create a high-quality and productive interface that will boost the conversion rate of the legal company.

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