7 Strategic Website Design Guidelines For 2019

Published: 2021-07-07 00:02:57
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In this article, we are presenting a list of some valuable website design guidelines for 2019. These recommendations will help professionals in creating high-quality interfaces. The internet is flooded with millions of poorly designed websites. In order to capture visitors’ attention, it is necessary to create a functional and interactive website. The layout must fulfill the client’s requirements and meet the visitors’ expectations at the same time. Creating a synergy between design and functionality is possible only when the professionals apply the best practices to the project. For instance, it is imperative to create responsive web designs in today’s mobile-centric world. This will ensure that an interface is displayed in an attractive manner on all kinds of devices. Let’s take a look at some more such suggestions which will help professionals create good quality websites this year.1. Insert Value Proposition Above The FoldWebsites have become important marketing tools and must include a value proposition explaining the advantages provided by the business they represent. This summary of why a customer must choose the company over its rivals must be placed above the fold. This means that this valuable content must be inserted in the upper part of the layout. It is essential to place the value proposition in this manner to ensure no visitor misses it.2. Define Typographic HierarchyA key objective of web design besides visual appeal is effective communication of the branding message. This can be done by defining the typographic hierarchy in the layout. All the text content of the website must be arranged according to its importance. This will allow the business to direct the attention of the visitor to the desired area. On the other hand, users will find it easy to navigate and locate what they are looking for with prominent text guiding them.3. Include Search Feature In The HeaderSeamless navigation is essential for ensuring a satisfying user experience. It will be pertinent to provide links to vital sections in prominent locations of the home page. It will also be helpful if a search feature is included in the header of the website. The search box will be easily visible in this location and will help visitors in finding information on the interface. This feature will be especially useful for websites with a large amount of content.4. Create A Responsive DesignA majority of internet traffic is being directed from mobile devices. It is, therefore, necessary that the website is mobile-friendly. Business owners must engage agencies which specialize in responsive website development. Such firms will help in building an interface at reasonable costs, that is easily displayed on all kinds of devices. This is one of the major website design guidelines for 2019 and has been so for the past few years.5. Place Social Media Icons In The FooterSocial media has become an extremely powerful avenue for marketing a business. Marketers insist that brands invest in creating a strong and credible presence on such platforms. Website owners must provide a facility to share content on social channels straight from their interfaces. They must insert various social media icons in the footer of the website. People like to share interesting content with their friends and followers. As they read an informative piece on a website and scroll down, spotting the social icons will encourage them to post the content on their accounts.6. Use Hero Images For Visual ImpactThere are numerous websites in all categories competing with each other to corner the attention of their target audience. An interface must make a visual impact within the first few seconds of a visitor landing on any of its pages. Hero images help in catching the eye of people and encouraging them to explore the website. These large size pictures covering the whole screen will make a strong effect on most visitors. However, it is necessary that a beautifully shot image be used for the purpose. The attractiveness of the image will be amplified by large dimensions and create a stunning impact. 7. Put The Hamburger Menu In Either Of The Top Corners Another important navigation feature that will help in ensuring a good user experience is the placement of the hamburger menu. The three simple horizontal lines are easily recognized by a large number of people as the menu icon. Designers must place it in either of the top corners of a page where it can be easily spotted by users. Many business owners feel that it is an overused element and look for its alternatives. However, its popularity makes it essential to use this icon instead of any other as people are familiar with its design. It helps professionals to keep the layout uncluttered and the user interfaces simple. ConclusionProfessionals must keep these website design guidelines for 2019 in mind while creating layouts. These recommendations will be helpful in building attractive as well as functional designs. It will help the website in pulling in more traffic and generating increased RoI.Author BioJacob Graves is a Web designer by profession and he works for a firm which provides Web Design Services Vancouver – FernWeb. He uses to write useful tutorials on Web design and socialize its different social media platforms.  

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