A Generalization of the FIFA World Cup Effect

Published: 2021-07-07 00:02:40
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SummarySpot lovers are present in every country. Different sports events are arranged in different countries throughout the year. For big sports events like FIFA World Cup people come from all over the world to the host country. The basic aim of this article is to study the impact of the winning of a team on the tourism of the country. The article examined the relationship of the winning team of national soccer in the FIFA World Cup on its country. It was observed that the 2010 world cup had a positive effect on the winning country. The rate of tourism was increased. For this reason, the authors used the old data from four editions present on the same topic since 1990 and analyzed it to find the relationship between the two things. The objective of the study was to explain the complex link between sports and its impact on the global market value.Author’s ConclusionAfter a thorough analysis of the old archive, it was deduced that apart from 2010 world cup there was no positive effect on the country’s tourism. The author also concluded in this paper that on the level of sports club the analyzing of this phenomenon needs much research and work.Critique and AnalysisThe weak point of this research was that it placed too much emphasis on the winning team only. The article lacked the ability to build a link between the tourism and the best player or the most favorite players. It also failed to analyze the impact of hosting a sports event on the economy and tourism of the country.Areas for further InquiryThe areas which can be further inquired are the negative impact of the losing team on the country’s economy and on the perception of the people of that country about sports.

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