A Good Man is Hard to Find by O’Connor

Published: 2021-07-06 06:42:34
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IntroductionThe story was first circulated in an anthology in 1953 because of anthology, O’Connor was known for such work. In this story, people who work outside of their homes have suffered certain problems and survive through different aspects of life. It will be extremely difficult for the single parent to take care of the young and adult children’s. Every child needs the male person to have the safety and strict hand on their back so that they won’t be ruined. Even among very young children, evidence for the importance of the male caretaker is growing. Similarly, some people think that it’s the pessimistic story and inflexible because it will be difficult to manipulate the humans. However, certain people feel that it’s the funniest tale because it involves the humans. But God has showered his blessings on humans and helps the humans in every field of life. The author Flannery O’Connor has to shorten his trips because of her inadequate expenses and illness. Certain detractors have found in the newspapers to O’Conner’s tale that certain killers have killed the entire family during 1950’s. There is Red Sammy Butts, who is another detractor returned to his hometown on his birthday that is arranged by the traders. The biggest pinnacle of the tale is the receiving of the gift from the grandmother just before her death.DiscussionThe grandmother’s self-importance and attitude were considered as one of the biggest climaxes of this story. The grandmother usually tried to frighten the grandchildren’s from the escaped murderers to go to Tennessee rather than Florida but all the time she receives the disrespect and anger from them. One day the grandmother, requested her daughter in law, who is dull young women with the innocent face tried to convince the Bailey (Grandchildren) to go to Tennessee rather than Florida because the other children’s has not visited Tennessee. Children’s mother was also very vocal because of the behavior of the Bailey towards the grandmother and that will be the characteristic of the entire family. Entire family leaves for Tennessee, when they were about to leave the Bailey rustles the family cat Pity Sing and almost cried in fear that, he will be missing her too much as compared to the others. From the car, which was about to leave, grandmother made certain comments which is still considered as one of the biggest mystery. The grandmother talks in a hilarious manner and had a lot of fun with the children’s during the trip and before that, a young boy June Star made a mocking remark, when the car stops and the family had a lunch at the old place. The owner of the diner is Red Sammy Butts. After the lunch, children started to quarrel with each other but the mother telling the children’s about the secret house near the road.  Red Sammy Butts and his wife also worried about the problem again and started to thinks about the children’s because of the situation that has been created. The grandmother tumbled asleep after departing the restaurant from where the episode occurred that instigated her along with the other family members. However, the family suffered the jolting accident and all of the family has been died only the cat survive (O’Connor 65). The accident occurred on the roadside when the whole family was caught by the three men who have guns in their hands. The grandmother because of her witty nature talks with the misfit (the head of the three gunmen). The other two gunmen took two of the children’s into the woods and killed them with the ring of the gun. After killing the young children’s, the gunmen return back and took the child mother her youngest baby, and June Star into the woods for the similar tenacity of killing them. At last, they took the grandmother and she started pleading for the mercy and also uses the religion in-order to escape from the death but became totally ineffective that made the gunmen annoyed and angry as a result they murdered the grandmother too.ConclusionIn the end, one can say that Bailey’s poverty is the responsibility of the grandmother. But this little interpretation cannot evaluate the O’Connor’s mystical or spiritual interpretation of events that detects the allusions of eternal life. While most of O’Connor’s (Quinn 528) short stories work on fiction demands her work not to be questioned. In his stories, she believes in the self-confidence but most of the time it has been ruined by the jolting incidents or events. These folks are fetched to the catastrophic point in their lives when they see there assurance was severely shaken. However, most of the time O’Connor took violence to stimulate the others to the deficiencies of life.  In “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” O’Connor described in a likeness part “A Reasonable Use of the Unreasonable,” published in 1969 that ferocity of his difficult characters such as grandmother admits at the during the loveliness. Meanwhile, O’Connor biggest apprehension for the making of Christian narratives leads to identify the elementary problem. There will not be every interpretation that will be used for the judgment of the grandmother the South is something to ignore or remembered with the distorted nostalgia such that the gunmen were not brought to the death of grace.Works CitedO’Connor, Flannery. A good man is hard to find. New English Library, 1962.Quinn, John Joseph. “A Reading of Flannery O’Connor.” Thought: Fordham University Quarterly 48.4 (1973): 520-531.

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