Acid Victims: An outcast in Society

Published: 2021-07-06 06:38:28
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Executive SummaryAcid victims are considered an outcast in society and we are conducting this research to prove the hypothesis that the life of acid victims can be normalized through rehabilitation. The reason for our examination paper is to enlighten the general population about acid victim’s social life and the real pretended by the associations and our administration in rehabilitating the lives of such victims.An acid attack includes the planned tossing of acid on a victim, as a rule all over. Notwithstanding bringing about mental injury, acid attacks result in serious agony, permanent disfigurement, consequent contaminations, and frequently visual impairment in one or both eyes. Culprits confer acid attacks for various reasons. The real part of online networking and the perspectives of the general population identified with such victims. There is less requirement of law in Pakistan which is the real reason for this violence .If there are strict laws and disciplines for the lawbreakers this wrongdoing would be lessened.IntroductionAcid victims are not socially acknowledged in our standard society they are considered an outcast but their lives can be normalized by rehabilitating them physically, socially and psychologically.Purpose:The purpose of this research that we want to enlighten the general public about the heinous activity of acid attacks and miserable lives of acid victims and the role played by associations and administrations in rehabilitating the victims.So that people will get to know that how much the acid victims need rehabilitation and instead of considering them as an outcast they’ll come out to help them or at least sympathize with them and help in their re- ingestion in the standard societyDefinition:Acid violence is an especially over the top type of torment which includes throwing destructive corrosive acid at the victims’ faces or bodies. This causes face and body disfiguration as well as has a cataclysmic impact on the victims’ live. It generally happens as a result of domestic violence and is mostly directed against women, yet children are regularly guarantee harm and men may likewise be among the victims. . There are a lot of effects of this outrageous form of torture it effects the victims physically, socially and psychologically. They are disfigured for their whole life presenting themselves as an outcast in society. Notwithstanding the inescapable psychological trauma, survivors likewise confront social separation and alienation that further harm their self-regard and truly undermine their personal and professional future.Causes:Acid attacks are a phenomenon taking place worldwide and are not restricted to a particular country, nation, race , religion or any geographical location. The pattern of these kind of attacks is different in every country and vary from nation to nation. In many countries acid attacks remain as a hidden form of assault against women and children and so it often goes unreported, and the actual number of these horrific attacks has only come to light after researching in-depth. There are a lot of reasons behind these kind of attacks. Mostly the reason behind such attacks are domestic disputes but other than that it might be the result of some kind of revenge or grievance of divorce .Sometimes the reason are disputes over land or monetary disputes.In our society besides this the reasons might include dowry demand, gender bas-ed violence, rejection of a marriage proposal by a girl,fight with husband ,compensation marriage that is called watta satta,marrying someone of choice or suspicion of unlawful relation. There was even a situation where a mother was harmed with acid because she committed the crime of giving birth to a girl and on this basis her brutal husband decided to disfigure her for her whole life.Effects:Other than physical effectsPsychological effect: The psychological scars may be invisible but they are heart felt they face self -humiliation and self -depreciation with lowered self-esteem and increased self-consciousness.Social effect: They are segregated from the society like they are some aliens because they do not have pretty faces. Because of the scars given to them by some other person they become creepy and horrifying and they lose the right to move around in society with freedom .No, people do not take this right away from them but the things they say to them and the way they behave when they see an acid victim force them to live in shadows. Because their faces are disfigured so we consider them creepy and run away from them thinking they might be some kind criminals, by just seeing their faces we consider them evil and we decide not to talk to them. They are even forced to beg sometimes.Rehabilitation:If there ever was a situation to be described as a fate worse than death it would be the life of an acid victim most of them are women . Not all victims are lucky enough to survive but those who do survive struggle for rehabilitation .The journey towards rehabilitation is not only painful but time taking as well. Officials at human rights commission Pakistan say that country should try to adopt national level rehab model being practiced as we are in the region. There are some organizations and NGO’s working at the private level to help acid victims normalize their life. Experts say that changing the position of the women in Pakistani society may be the first step in eliminating the acid attack but in Pakistan that first step may be a giant leap. One organization working on this platform is Aurat Foundation, Aurat Publication and Information Service Foundation (Aurat Foundation/AF) basically creates awareness and is committed for building a just and caring society in Pakistan when men and women will have justice with the privilege to lead their lives with sense of pride and poise.Previous ResearchesIt is important for the nurses to know how to take care of the patient. The article states that how the nurses are eager to help the victims they feel that this pain cannot be healed so easily as the victims feels their life is no more. Nurses in combined Military hospital in Azad jamu and Kashmir narrates that it is important for ward staff to know how to treat the wounds as patients have critical conditions there are hundreds of cases in Pakistan facing this type of problem women are burn due to sexual assaults or result of denying the proposals.Human Right Commission of Pakistan narrates the fact and figures in which why women were burned some of the reasons were due to in laws. Denying of things to husband and other rejections of proposals. Human Right of Commission Pakistan is doing well great work in terms of legislation to secure the women and to provide them social justice and to make them feel safe in Society.Shaarmeen Obaid’s short story won the Oscar naming “Saving Facea” Films talk about the horrific side of Pakistan and the Victims facing difficulties. There she shows another man Dr. Mohammad Jawad who a plastic Surgeon is doing his best to give them a face to which they can cheer. Numers of plastic Surgeries are done by Dr Jawad to give them a reason to smile again.Yunus, a 22 years old woman who was a former prostitute committed suicide just a month after an Oscar went to the documentary of “Saving Face” as she was wounded by acid thrown on her face by her husband. Bilal khar, a cousin of the foreign ministry maintains that he was not behind the attack, though some say that he used his political influence to evade arrest.Yunus’s attack became high profile after she was noticed by a Pakistani writer and activist Tehmina Durrani. Durrani devoted herself in this case to the extent that she even helped Yunus move to Italy where she received many surgeries.Yunus’s death to drag the attention of Government, Even Though she was provided with nothing but ignorance. It is stated that that author had met many other acid victims before but the attack on Yunus had left all of them faceless, her body melted to the bones and her horrific mutilation disfigured her completely. An Italian professor who counseled Yunus said that he tried to heal her physically but her soul can never be healed.The Asian correspondent’s Ahsan Butt posted a photo of foreign minister giving award to the filmmaker of “Saving Face” on the post of Yunus’s death and as one say that there is something very wrong with this picture.Most of the acid crimes were registered under section 335 of PPC which is Pakistan Panel Code. The punishment of this offence by PPC is either Qias, in case Qias is not possible than ‘Arsh’ which is a compensation provided to the victim by the criminal or the imprisonment to the criminal for up to 10 years (Alam, 2015) The provisions of Pakistan Panel code are part of the Qisas and Diyat law, from the evidence it can be seen that the influential and the rich use money as a source of compensation to avoid punishment. Such compoundable nature of the offences has created loopholes to provide justice to the poor.Depilex smile again foundation Lahore, Pakistan has been founded by professional beautician Musarat Misbah to provide help to the victims to become self-reliant and independent members of the society. The main aim of the foundation is to provide the victims with both the medical and psychological care to help them gain self-confidence and job to earn their living (Sohail, 2015) The beautician next proceeded to set up a rehabilitation program to help victims to get the job, which she managed to do by inaugurating a beauty salon, she than provided special training to the survivors to provide beauty services to the customers. Over the past 8 to 10 years, Misbah has been able to provide help to around 600 victims with most of them choose to be the trained as beautician as they feel most safe in women centered jobs only. Smile again foundation proves that hope and help are still available.As per the article in Dawn news, from January to September 2014 , around 42 instances of acid attacks appeared. From 2012 to 2013 a 13% diminishing was seen yet in 2014 again the ascent was seen.Prior this year another NGO “THE ACID SURVIVORS” reported that 56% of acid attacks happen in Punjab. Be that as it may, an authority from the NGO said 65% ladies are included in smolder casualty and 15% of kids are included and 80% of the survivors win Rs.8000 a month. The report said that lone 35% was the rate indictment and in different cases there was issue in examination or in discovering proofs.New Findings Alongside particular laws to manage acid attack cases, there must be an arrangement for quick track courts as well, where cases are solved within three monthsIn most acid attack cases, the casualty does not kick the bucket, but rather her face and life is demolished. Henceforth, acid attack must be managed independently and particularly and must be ordered under offensive wrong doing. We demand the minimum sentence to be life imprisonment.The women victims of acid attacks mainly face the battle of costly surgeries, which hinders their suitable and quick treatment. Thus, government must assume the liability of their treatment.The open offer of corrosive for local purposes ought to be controlled and preferably banned by the administration. For, modern, business and all different purposes, it must be sold under authorized merchants and its acquisition be made conceivable against creation of appropriate character evidence.The physical and mental injury taking after a acid attack makes life exceptionally troublesome for the casualties. The legislature must find a way to restore acid attacks survivors with directing and different arrangements. The money related weight put on survivors and their families after an assault builds their odds of slipping further into neediness. Most casualties originate from families with the lower financial statuses. The Focus and state governments must encourage the casualties with pay and government occupations to help them assume responsibility of their streams of life their lives.Rehabilitation programs assuming a part to improve them yet needs a lot of backing in the method for donation, regardless of how little, put to great use helping corrosive and burns violence survivors. Apart from this they require love and care.ConclusionThe researchers have built up the gravity of acid victim in this paper, concentrating broadly on the physical, mental and monetary impacts that have on the casualties. This wrongdoing appears to be a planned one which requires an enormous malevolence with respect to the culprit, and in this manner, ought to be punished seriously. Acid attack is a cruel and heartless wrongdoing, which calls for quick medical treatment to the casualty, regardless of court’s choices. In any case, the present laws don’t stand adequate, the same number of casualties is exhausted with circling courts for a considerable length of time together subsequent to braving a deep rooted wellbeing complexity as a result of the chemical injuries they support. Too often the victims of acid violence are left empty-handed, their lives destroyed with no means of obtaining legal redressand justice. Notwithstanding this, a sound compensation for the casualty is a basic arrangement for authorizing equity. Another vital perspective which requires quick thought is the development of new restorationplans. Better openings for work, preparing and so forth, ought to be conferred to the casualties of such wrongdoings, empowering them to at least meet their everyday occupation needs. There are a few measures which can be taken to check acid victims. Ladies ought to approach to enhance states of the acid victims. Another successful measure could be more prominent mindfulness and more touchy and adult treatment of these cases by the media. A value-base education is the need of the hour, enactment of new laws, creating institutions and lip service to provide reservation will not take care of this horrendous evil. The fourth home can be instrumental in raising open and national assumption against this wrongdoing and its culprits, which thus could impact the powers to take a firmer stand against acid attacks. This wrongdoing should get the stringent of discipline as it is more deplorable than assault and significantly kill. In homicide, the killer demolishes the physical casing of the casualty; furthermore, in attack, an attacker debases and pollutes the spirit of a powerless female. In any case, in the wrongdoing of acid attack, there is pulverization of both the body and the soul. It is our earnest trust that the horrid state of the legitimate device as to acid attacks can be enhanced; so that the victim’s issues can be mollified and the Pakistan society turns into a more secure spot for ladies. The time has come to truly consider over these above inquiries.

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