Adapids: The Ripple Effect

Published: 2021-07-07 00:19:29
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Introduction:The Adapids are earliest primates of the World, and their structure is the clear evidence of their existence as the earliest primate on the earth. Adapids belong to the “Adapidae Family,” which contains at least seven genera and 19 species and that is why it is also known as diverse family. Adapids is a group which includes well preserved and little distorted skills. As Adapids are the earliest primates on the earth and having little distorted and preserved skulls, so they have been the major focus of the researchers and analysts. Adapids were found in North American and Europe approx 50 million years ago, and they are considered to be the small diurnal lower primates. The diet of the Adapids was leaves and fruits. Many of the analysts consider that the Adapids belong to the lemurs and they have flattened nails, divergent hallux, postorbital bar and petrosal bulla (Afarensis 2015, 2).The structure of Adapids:When having a look at the structure of the Adapids then their bony structures have surrounded and anchored their large sized jaw adductor muscles (HG. 1912, 1165). Their jaw structure helped him to apply a great bite force which helped them to eat food and for their protection. As Adapids consume tough food like hard leaves, fruits with tough rinds, and mature stems, so their powerful jaws help them to eat their diet with great ease (Perry and Clair 2015). Adapids’ structure is the real beauty of this primate and their jaw structure, skull structure, and other features have become the center of attraction for the researchers to make a new hypothesis about this primate and then to enjoy they findings.Another most interesting thing about the Adapids is that the structure of Adapids is somewhere indicates that they have given rise to the human structure development. According to the scientists, Adapids is a primate which further developed into other primates, and then they became the cause of the development of Lemurs, tarsiers, monkeys, apes, and in the end, they gave rise to the development of human structure (Stefoff 2006). After knowing this all about the Adapids, we can conclude two interesting facts about the Adapids. The first fact is that Adapids are the earliest as well as oldest primate on the earth and the second fact is that Adapids is a group of primate which has given rise to the development of the human structure.Similarities with Human Features:Again focusing on the structure of the Adapids, it won’t be wrong to say that the most important features of the Adapids are its Jaw structure, Skull structure, and Teeth construction. The researchers, analysts, and scientists made different researchers on the features of Adapids and found many similarities in the features of Adapids and the features of human beings. The skull structure of Adapids is approx similar to the skull structure of the human beings. The frontal and mandible bone is the bone in prosimians and anthropoids whereas the right and left bones are joint and are responsible for the standard structure of Adapid’s skull. The skull structure of human skull is also approx same and having the same bone set up.Not only skull structure but also the jaw structure of the Adapids and the chewing mechanics of the prosimians is same as that of the jaw structure of the human being. The bit force, muscles arrangement of jaws, and the additional bony ridges are also same as that of the jaw system of human being. Just there are little modifications which became the cause of the change in the human face features and skull structure.Brain Activities of Adapids and Human beings:However, we cannot just conclude that the Adapids gave rise to the development of human beings just by their skull and jaw structure. For this conclusion, we need more evidence and more similarities in the features and structure of the Adapids and Human beings. When focusing on other features and structure of the Adapids, it was found that the brain working of the Adapids is also similar to the brain working of the human beings. The Adapids had the same brain working procedure and had same cranial features as that of human brain construction and cranial features. This also proves that the Adapids were the primates which were then further developed into other primates and finally were transformed into human being.Transformations of Adapids:According to the scientists, the first transformation happened from Adapids to Tarsiers. The features of Adapids and Tarsiers were very much similar, and that is why it was very difficult to distinguish between both primates. The only difference in these primates was the size of their eyes. These Tarsiers were then further developed into another primate, called Monkey. This transformation caused the change in face features and also the change in brain abilities. The monkeys are considered to be more intelligent and sharper than the Tarsiers. Monkeys look approx similar to the human beings, and the brain working of the monkeys is also similar to the brain working of human beings. Also, other features, such as hands, face features, hair, and other features of monkeys are same as that of human beings. The monkeys were then developed to Chimpanzees and then finally this transformation caused the development of the human structure.The importance of Study:However, many scientists still consider that there are many differences in the features of the Adapids and the human beings and so there is a conflict that is the development of human being structure resultant of the transformation of the structure of Adapids to other primates? However, this study helps us to understand the living style, structure, and features of Adapids and their similarities with the features of human beings. It also provides the information about the transformations of Adapids to Tarsiers, Monkeys, Apes, Chimpanzees, and then to Human beings. This study also highlights the importance and attraction of Adapids’ structure for the analysts, researchers, and scientists who may provide the unexpected results in the future.Work CitedAfarensis. “Adapidae, Omomyidae and Anthropoid Origins.” Anthropology, Evolution and Science, 2015: 1-2.HG., Stehlin. “Die saugetiere des schweizerischen Eocaens Siebenter teil, erst halfte:Adapis.” Abh Schw Palaontol Ges, 1912: 38:1165–1298.Perry, Jonathan M G, and Elizabeth M St Clair. “Craniomandibular Signals of Diet in Adapids.” AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY, 2015.Stefoff, Rebecca. The Primate order. Marshall Cavendish, 2006.

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