African Girls Rock Core Values

Published: 2021-07-06 23:15:39
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African Girls Rock awards is an event created for the purpose of appreciating the excellence of women in the society, due to their well-done job. They play an important role in ensuring that everybody else in the worldview Africa differently. This is achieved by enabling other women to achieve their dreams by influencing them in different significant ways. In order for the nominated female to win the awards, they are certain criteria which must be attained. The required qualities are discussed below.First of all, they must be respectful. They should be in a position to respect other people despite their economic status, religion, tribe, race among other things. Having respect will make them realize that other people, who are in need also deserve the right to be provided with whatever they need, to sustain their living since they are important just like other people. Respect is also important when it comes to the provision of services. It is the only thing that will enable the elected perform their duties as required without breaking any rule since they value themselves as well as others and will, therefore, do everything to ensure that everybody feels satisfied.The other thing is that they should be contributing to their communities. This will enable other people to have faith in them since it is always believed that charity begins at home. It is, therefore, a requirement that they should be involved in various activities in the community such as charity work, for instance visiting the sick in their society, helping the less privileged or even participating in cleaning the environment. Through this, they will be in a position to understand the importance of serving others other than being served. It is also one way of preparing them in helping those who are suffering from hunger the moment they are elected.They should also have leadership qualities. This includes humility, ready to serve, accountable, loyal, and able to make decisions, able to inspire others among other things. It is important for one to have specific qualities, which will enable them to provide their services without straining so much. For instance, in this case, it would be difficult to ensure that no child is affected by hunger if one is unable to account for the things which the rest of the community will be contributing in supporting those who need food.Accountability is important since it will enable them to use the facilities which are provided to hem carefully rather than using them carelessly or even being biased while performing their duties. They need to be trusted as well. It would be very difficult to make one responsible for something which will affect thousands of people if at all they are not trustworthy. The community should be in a position to trust the nominees such that even if they are made responsibly of performing specific tasks, the outcomes are most likely to be positive.The other thing is that they should be fitting in their category. This include age, level of maturity, ability to express themselves well among other important things. The work of reaching out others who are in need is an involving task and requires someone who has the courage to express themselves well whenever they meet a different kind of people out there. Other than that they also need to be social in nature. This will enable them to interact with others freely without any fear despite the age difference, tribe and many other things. They should also be mature enough to others and the suffering of other people and deal with them accordingly. They need to understand how to deal with different issues by making good decisions.They should also be in a position to represent AGR. This means that they should be ready to follow the terms and conditions which are provided in the group, and also ready to work with other people who are doing the same task to ensure that they deliver services as accordingly. They should also be able to represent themselves out there well to maintain the reputation of the movement. This will be important in maintaining the name of AGR and many people will have faith in the way they carry out their tasks of ensuring that no child is affected by hunger.They need also to be consistent in their personal work. This should be reflected in various things like the way they perform in other activities in their societies. They should be in a position to handle something till the finish it. The morale and the attitude they began with should be maintained until that task is complete. There is no need of nominating an individual who cannot participate in any activity consistently or who give up immediately they are faced with various challenges. Even with the situations getting tough, they should employ other ways of carrying out their activities just to maintain the same spirit to completion. This will enable them to perform well when given a task of reaching out people in different parts of the world and providing various services to them.Their stories should also be unique. They need not be just like other ordinary people who perform their duties in a general obvious way. There should be a difference in the way they view other people, problems, and the world itself. They need to see things differently and participate in activities which differentiate them from other people. This doesn’t mean that they should be much different from other people, but simple things like helping those in need without being asked to can make their story unique. I most cases you will find people involving themselves in such activities just to be recognized by other people, or as a way of influencing people so that they can be given various positions or even power. But then one can have a unique story be simply helping the needy without even telling others. The difference is that they work because it feels right, and they also have a heart of doing so.Those ladies who want to be nominated should also have the ability to promote the products of the organization. This is one way of ensuring that the products are being purchased, which is important in maintaining the performance as well as the stability of AGR. This may include informing other people about the products which are provided by the organization and make the purchase as well. This will ensure that they get the number of profits required to sustain the company. In this case, the knowledge of business will be significant to enable them to identify various ways of promoting goods which are normally produced by a certain organization.Humility is also another important aspect which nominees should have. Being humble will enable them to interact with people who are being faced with various problems without having trouble with it. The art of being humble is important since it will enable them to feel that they are supposed to serve those who are in need rather than viewing themselves as being more important or superior than them. Those will enable them to perform their required tasks effectively.The nominees should also be reliable and dependent. This is a requirement for one to be nominated so that if given a chance they will be able to perform their duties well without being monitored or followed around. They should also be trusted to work well to ensure that the performance of AGR remains at the top. They should also be dependable in a way that if they are assigned a specific work, there will be an assurance of it being completed well and on time. This will enable the organization to save time and even focus on doing other better things rather than spending much time trying to cover up for the mess which would have been caused.The last thing is that the need to be uplifting, supporting and also respect their African values. They should be in a position to give a word of encouragement to those who are undergoing difficulties in the society, as a way of giving them hope for the future. They need to make them understand that being faced with a problem should not bring them down but instead make them stronger for the better of their future. They also need to support those in need wholeheartedly and this will enable them to work effectively once they become part of AGR, since their main mission is to save those who are being faced with hunger. Other than that they should also respect the African values, which means that everything they do should be in accordance with what is being accepted in the African culture. If at all the nominees fails to observe any of the discussed rules or requirements, they will not be awarded. This is because they lack whatever it takes for them to provide the best services as per the requirements.The following are the core values which are required for the mission of AGR. The first one is integrity. This is the quality of being morally upright and honest as well. It is a way of being able to understand the problem others are going through and help them accordingly.Empowerment. It refers to the tendency if encouraging women in the society to raise and work in order to achieve their dreams.Excellence. It is a state of achieving what was being targeted. For instance, ensuring that no African child is affected by anger is the mission of AGR, and once attained we can say they have achieved excellence.Community. Is the art of working together to achieve a certain goal. In the organization there is a concept of being sister’s keeper, to mean that everyone should be involved in the activity just to ensure that no child dies of hunger.Respect. It refers to the act of seeing other people’s dream being important as well. This is why there is a mission of influencing women to work and achieve their goals since their dreams are valued too.Stewardship. It refers to the act of taking care of something. Here we can see that the lives of children are being taken care of just to ensure that they live.Ethics. It refers to the morals which govern a certain activity. In this case, the moral of caring drives the society towards working together to save other people’s lives.Learning. It refers to the way other women are being taught the importance of having a dream and working towards it.Innovation. Refers to the way a group of people decided to create movement (AGR) which was going to benefit the society as a whole.Trust. Is a way of believing in someone or something. In this mission, it is clear that there is trust in the community that the village can raise a child.Care. Is a way of being concerned about the well-being of other people. In this mission, we find that the lives of children are being taken care of just to ensure that none of them dies because of hunger.Example of a code of ethics in the mission is: Being caring. We can see that the community work together just to ensure that the children don’t die because of hunger.There are various steps which can be taken to fight hunger in Africa. One of them is taking care of each other and also those who are not able to provide food for themselves. This is by ensuring that we share what we have with others rather than exposing when there is plenty. Innovation may also be important in fighting hunger. This may be achieved by coming up with projects that will ensure there is provision of food in areas where there is water shortage, or those areas which are being affected by drought, by creating irrigation schemes just to ensure that there is enough food provided in such areas. Through education, people in the society will be in a position to learn the effects of cutting trees, which will later lead to drought. They will understand the importance of taking care of the environment just to ensure that all the possibilities of being affected by hunger are avoided.There are various steps which may be taken just to ensure that we fight hunger and make Africa move forward. One of them is empowering women. If all women will be responsible to farm and take care of their families, then there will be a significant decrease in the percentage of those who will be affected with hunger, and the population will be manageable. Dealing away with the problem of hunger will enable the government focus on other things rather than spending most of its resources in donating food.

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