American Indian Social work Practice

Published: 2021-07-06 06:42:05
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There are many challenges that American Indians are confronting related to their education and degree. On the other hand, Native Americans consider them as a member of the family instead of the social worker as they driven for society.Social workers will understand better society’ values and beliefs when they will associate with it. It will be possible for social workers to resolve the problems like domestic violence, mental health, and aging. Being a social work it will be suitable to start programs to develop skills and tailor these accordingly.If social workers really want to work for the society they should have appropriate knowledge of their culture.It is vital for social workers to share their power, ability, and responsibility with indigenous people when they are going through this process.ther is need to offer such approaches comprising of indigenous knowledge that will be benefited for social workers to access practice and education.There is a need for attention of the federal government to work for social security as well as other departments of education, mental health problems. In last few years, it can be realized a breach as native tribes are moving down. So there is need to design such policies that can reduce inequalities. There is essential to join social and economic development policies that is a need of Indian country.Systematic oppression is continued plan to oppress and ill-treat people due to a preference for certain things including gender, race, and class.The survey shows black people undeniably confront the oppression as compared to white.In addition, many communities are not able to nurture growth and development and are surviving with low income also not have enough resources for education. Due to this dilemma majority of kids goes out of home to get rights but involves in other criminal activities. There is need to become role model that can provide guidance to keep away from such gangs and activities along with boosting overall morale.There is the vital responsibility of the social worker to work on enhancing resiliency in families while promoting skills to face challenges whatever they face in different phases. Resiliency provides the power and enough stamina to cope up with stress and hardships. Social workers assist and establish the plans in order to reduce risk and strengthen the this way, a social worker can address such issues where families should work on. So social worker is the main person to highlight such factors that can enhance and develop traits of resilient.Social welfare policies provide a mechanism to comprehend opportunities that help in supporting equality, mend the social position of a person and address partialities of both societal and institutional kinds (Colby,2013). Over the time, changes may occur in these specific policies but main aim to support impartiality and justice remains on the top.It is more effective as social worker develop more committed methods to recover cultural aspects and other efforts.Due to sole political status, tribal people also has exclusive ways of culture and people of American Indians stress on preservation to retain continuity of culture. The social worker must distinguish history of the community and cultivate the requirements of Native that will build a bond of trust and mutual reverence (Williams & Ellison, 1996). They should assess and be familiar with customary practices of tribes as well as modifications in languages.ther are two factors to consider a Native community that is ethos and history. In this way, social workers can easily get understanding of those people who are the inhabitants and can easily work with them. Consequently, Nonnative people also pick up and acquire those things about culture and practices of tribal.There have been multiple interventions and theories developed with respect to American Indian natives. The most important of them include the prevention interventions of diabetes that have helped the natives a lot. Even in times of distress, multiple therapeutic interventions are done to maintain the good mental health of patients. While working in the field I would consider all the interventions. Whenever any patient with identical issues will come, I will be able to handle him without any problem. The main issue encountered by people in this situation is the psychological distress related to diagnosis so I will try to protect their interests. As a social worker, it is my responsibility to provide these therapeutic services. Providing these services effectively is important so that it would have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the patient. I will focus more on utilizing the things learned in training effectively.In the field, I have learned and observed deep insights about native Americans. Especially living style, traditions, values, culture, and more important their history. It was very informative and enlightening field trip for me as I have not realized these facts and figures before about native American Indians. These insights will be supportive in understanding indigenous people and will be helpful while working as a social worker within this community.I observed native really enjoyed their culture and tries to pass on these customs and traditions to a new generation. The social worker must have the knowledge of culture and emphasize on skills that enhance problem-solving requirements. They must consider and assess ceremony and other rituals while making plans. Like American Indians perceive and felt oppression while not having the expression of freedom. American Indians prefer buffalo, deer, squash, and berries to eat, have different customs for marriage and have beliefs on more than one god. Regarding this, American Indians have different traditions and beliefs that are necessary to study, if you want to participate as a social worker. It is more productive to make a field visit to understand these things as well as reading about native Americans.ReferencesColby, I. (2013-06-11). Social Work Education: Social Welfare Policy. Encyclopedia of Social Work. Retrieved 30 Mar. 2018, from, E., & Ellison, F. (1996). Culturally Informed Social Work Practice with American Indian Clients: Guidelines for Non-Indian Social workers.

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