American Revolution from British Perspective

Published: 2021-07-07 00:18:44
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Whenever there is a discussion about one of the most important revolutions in history, American Revolution is the one that stands out the most. But at the same time, there are increasing numbers of people who question the rationale behind the American Revolution and ask whether it was important at all. Some people have an impression that the American colonists even though allowed them to a greater degree of cultural freedom, they did not make sure that the economic revolution was also brought with the Cultural Revolution.The common concept is that with the imitating of the American Revolution, many industrial products were not available in the United States. For instance, the production of gunpowder had not started in America. The common argument that is presented by the people who oppose this concept of the American Revolution is that the people where were not prepared for the war because the level of dependency that was needed to be exhibited was not to be seen as of yet. The other argument that is presented is the way British colonies are supposedly working. The presence of British colonies was important to them as they were a constant source of raw material that allowed the functionality of the economy to be working properly. The other argument that is set forth is the overall perception about the patriots, whereas, unanimous support is given the freedom fighters, patriots in this region are seen nothing more than the glorified terrorists [1]. Thus looking at the perspective of the Americans, this event had turned a separate page into their history, but Britishers not really bought this concept of war and they were reluctant. In hindsight, it can be said that this “revolution” was different as compared to the other revolutions, but it’s an important event nevertheless and has relevance in their history.EndnotesBailyn, Bernard. The ideological origins of the American Revolution. Harvard University Press, 2012.Bailyn, Bernard. The ideological origins of the American Revolution. Harvard University Press, 2012. ↑

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