An Experience that Demonstrates my Interest and Commitment to the Radiologic Sciences

Published: 2021-07-06 23:59:59
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For the commitment and enthusiasm in specific filed in which one doesn’t have any interest, there is a need for motivation. Motivation can be through anyway it could be positively or negatively. Or it can be through server incidence happened around the person who is being motivated. Similarly, my interest and commitment towards the Radiologic Sciences developed by the death of my father who was suffering from cancer. After his death, I decided to devote rest of my life to the field of Radiologic Sciences because it was the only way through which I can have the ability to help others or maybe can save the life of someone.There is lots of importance of Radiologic Sciences which no one can deny. The involvement of Radiologic science is not only in a single file, it is vast and also involved in the looking after of radiologic equipment that are essential for the procedure of treatment. Being a radiologic science professional one can select two main fields related to that and can be called or known as the X-ray technician (X-ray tech) as well as the radiologic technician (RT). In both cases, the person knows Radiologic Sciences, and it includes best ways to treat cancer patients.In case of cancer, it is essential to have command on the Radiological science because it uses the advanced form of X-ray for the treatment. These rays used by the technologies in numerous fields like in medical examination, diagnosis, as well as treatment. There could be specialization in multiple areas if someone knows radiologic technician or radiologist. After the death of my father, I also deiced to have specialization in one of the fields of radiology, and I selected that specific one which used in the treatment of cancer.Cancer Therapy which is also known as the Radiation Oncology can be done with the help of radiation therapy. When my father was in the hospital, I was doing house job at that time, and I was not able to do anything for him in the form of treatment. At that time I decided to do my specialization in radiation therapy and started doing therapy of cancer patients. Though it was very tough time for me initially to determine that my family helped me a lot throughout this procedure. Today, I have command in this field, and my full commitment is towards radiation therapy.The question is what we do in radiation therapy? The radiation used in the whole procured, and these radiations are not the ordinary one, high-energy radiations are being used in this procedure. These high energy radiations are helpful to kill or damage the DNA of cancer cells. Sometimes these radiations utterly destroy the cells or sometimes suppress the division or growth of cancer cells. When my father was suffering from cancer, I wasn’t able to use the machinery at all because its handling is terrible.The rays delivered by the usage of machines called accelerators or sometimes through the radioactive sources that are located or positioned inside the patient on a temporary or long-lasting basis. Cancer is the very painful disease, and the treatment is also harrowing, but the radiation therapy is helpful to reduce the level of pain and explicitly to suffer in patients who has the advanced type of cancer. The treatment used on my father was painful as compared to those which I’m using while treating patients.During the treatment of cancer, the standard cells are also destroyed while damaging the other one. But the radiotherapy is prepared in such a way that no conventional cell will be destroyed while targeting the cancer cells. Its focus is only the cancer cells rather than the normal one. When the treatment of my father was at the peak doctors told me that healthy cells are also destroyed because of radiations, and all these things were in my mind while choosing my field of specialization.There are some imaging tests which are helpful to determine the particular shape as well as the location of the tumor that cause cancer. These tests are beneficial to tell the define boundaries of cancer cells so that the normal one will not destroy during treatment. Being a doctor, it is my responsibility to give the specific instructions based on the kind of exam that will be performed. There are categories of patients by which the treatment decision. Some patients with cancer may be treated with the help of radiation only instead, and surgery is not used for this purpose. Two main categories of cancer including prostate cancer as well as larynx cancer frequently treated in this way.These things were not done to my father, and now I take it positively so that other patients will not suffer any difficulty during treatment. So all these things are motivational for me for the radiologic sciences and specifically my field of specialization that is radiation therapy. There must be a goal in life, and you should not waste time while deciding your purpose because it can be helpful in your entire life. Sooner or later it will help you in your life. My choice of doing MMBS was late, and that’s why I wasn’t able to help my father during his hard time. But today I take that as motivation and giving my commitment to the Radiologic Sciences.

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