Android Open Source Software

Published: 2021-07-07 00:03:00
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Android open source software mainly is a publicly accessible software powered by Android whereby any given user using the source code is capable or preferably in a position to enhance, inspect and modify the software. The source code, in this case, is a part of the software that allows programmers or instead creators of the software to manipulate or instead change how a given piece of software works that is a programme or instead an application. In this case when it comes to Android open software is open to all users unlike other types of software’s where the creators are the only ones in a position to manipulate or make any changes to the software.Android open source software grants its users control that is they are in a position to use the software for any purpose they desire. It as well guarantees top security to its users mainly because the users are capable of viewing and consecutively modifying the open source software. The Android open source software, therefore, plays a significant role when it comes to the management alongside the use of information systems especially in this particular case that helps organizations reach their strategies. The openness, in this case, is more than vital in that it undoubtedly contributes to the long-term success and management of Android information system.

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