Application of Critical Thinking

Published: 2021-07-06 06:41:23
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Critical thinking is the ability of a person to consider something in a way in his or her mind that enhances his or her thinking by skillfully engaging the essential structures in thinking process of the mind and applying intellectual standards upon those thinking structures. My personal ability to think critically has been manifested in the last seven years of my life since I attained eighteen years of age and left my parents to live on my own while pursuing my college studies. Various situations in life have occurred to my attention from time to time triggering my thinking ability to utilize my skills in decision making.Critical issues happen in my life encounter and consequently I must handle them accordingly. For instance, when a bad situation occurs to my life such as a relationship breakup then I must think critically even before ending a relationship, by considering the reasons behind my decisions or those of my partner. In fact, in many situations, I have developed a habit of looking at the positive side of the story rather only the negative side of it. For instance, if I must end a love relationship then I always attempt to appreciate the benefits of taking the decision as well as the disadvantages. On the positive side, ending a relationship the best decision although it might seem very hurting and from the experience during the time of relationship, we might not be ideal for each other in the future depending on our personal expectations in the affair. Therefore, by thinking critically I can make the right decisions when the need arises while at the same avoiding making mistakes that can prove costly. In conclusion, critical thinking is applied in every decision that we make in daily situations that occur in our lives. Critically has helped make better decisions about situations that are critical to my daily life including how to spend money and saving habits. Critical thinking has also helped me from my past mistakes and therefore improve on my skills in decision making in future endeavors.

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