Published: 2021-07-06 23:12:39
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To:From:Dear student,I hope you are fine and going well. Im writing this email, to guide you through the positive habits to acquire in order to learn effectively in the class. As we go forward with our course in the semester, I would like you to have certain skills for having a positive learning from the course material. There is a lot of material to gather from the lectures and studies, but you should try to focus on understanding the main points of the study. It is important to take notes, not write up a whole essay. Further, gathering information from the web is also essential. Focus on getting study materials from the trusted sources like websites ending with .gov or an author with Dr. in his/her name. Don’t get fooled by the vast amount of data, and keeping the topic of study in mind, gather the information. To avoid plagiarism in your work, always use your own words while addressing any article or source. While you are using any source, keep track of the record i.e. author name, trusted source of the article, year published, etc. It is always important to keep your work authentic from the sources. In this way you can gather positive habits and increase learning.Kind regards.

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