Aristotle’s Doctrine of Virtue as a Golden Mean

Published: 2021-07-07 00:07:20
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Aristotle presented his perception of virtue by clarifying the fact explaining that virtues are not feelings and shall not be treated as one. As such a virtue can’t be treated as a person’s capacity as well, but a better explanation of it illuminates the evident relation of a settled disposition in reaction to the passion that can be referred to as a properly functioning example of a human being. Virtuous actions are able to provide a person with satisfaction and ensure pleasure in doing so as well. However, it is only enjoyable if the person performing the act believes in his actions and knows they enjoy what they are doing. For the sole purpose of defining a Virtuous act requires the identification of the fundamental understanding between right and wrong. All points considered, it is safe to establish the basis of an ethically correct virtue and the practice involved in performing it the right way. From the ethical point of virtue, it is best elaborated as a practice that is entirely focused on bringing improvements into the morality of the agent’s character rather than their act. Through this perception, acts can be perceived as a symbolic representation of a person’s preference towards what they wish to become, their approach to defining themselves. Aristotle explained virtuous acts to be a way of life that brings joy and happiness to people that perform them and continue to do so as they live on. Now from Aristotle’s defined perspective of virtue, the acts of trustfulness, loyalty and honesty can be categorized as acts of virtue. These three present a state of satisfaction that people are unable to measure but accept its contribution towards a better feeling. Loyalty, for instance, can be rewarding by itself. By adopting the role of either a loyal friend, husband or an employee, one can overall have a stress free relationship or association with the people around them. This will eliminate the uncertainty of being unfaithful and will award with another person’s loyalty in response.

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