Arousal theory which includes Yerk-Dodson Law and Sensation seeking

Published: 2021-07-06 23:17:52
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The Arousal theory states that an orgasm performance can be easily improved if that orgasm is aroused in a different manner. However, performance decreases if the level of performance is too much though this situation defers from one individual to another.Maslow’s Hierarchy of NeedsThis theory is used in psychology and was proposed by Abraham Maslow in 1943. Physiological needs as stated in the theory refers to physical requirements that are essential for human survival. Safety needs dominate a person’s behavior. It includes physical safety and economic safety. Social belonging is interpersonal and it revolves around feelings of belongingness. Esteem needs concern getting recognized in the society, and respect from others. Self-actualization refers to the realization of an individual’s potential and lastly, self-transcendence refers to the highest and most inclusive level of human conscience.Motivation Motivation is defined as the reasons for people’s actions, needs, and desires. It paves way for a person’s behavior. Eustress refers to productive stress either physically or psychologically. Approach-approach conflict is a conflict that involves two desired gratifications, for example, when a youth has to choose from two practicable and attractive careers. Avoidance-avoidance conflicts refer to making a decision in a situation that involves two equally undesirable choices. Lastly, approach-avoidance conflict occurs when there is a goal or target that has both negative and positive effects that make it unappealing and appealing at the same time.GTD MethodGTD method is a time management process that involves the idea of moving planned projects out of the mind by recording them externally and then breaking them into small actionable working items. The five stages involved in this method include collection, clarification, organization, and lastly, execution.Hazards of GroupthinkGroupthink is the act of approaching issues as matters to be dealt with by a group rather than by an individual. Further, it results in several serious issues such as lack of personal accountability, collective rationalization and pressure to acquiesce.The ABC Model of AttitudesThe ABC model of attitudes consists of three elements; affective, behavioral and cognitive components. Affective component relates to the certain forms of judgment and positive or negative evaluation of a subject. Behavioral component relates to a person’s behavior and lastly, cognitive component involves a person’s knowledge and beliefs.Realistic Conflict TheoryRealistic Conflict theory is a social psychological model of intergroup conflict that explains how intergroup hostility arises from conflicting goals and competing for limited resources such as social status, and money. It explains how feelings of prejudice and discrimination toward the out-group lead to intergroup hostility.Ways to Overcome PrejudicePrejudice is negative beliefs that you think and believe are true towards an individual. You can overcome prejudice by challenging your own biases whereby you assess your own biases, keep yourself accountable, identify and acknowledge the negative effects of prejudice and reducing self-stigma. Also, you can increase your social connection by interacting with different people and also avoid justifying stereotypes. Lastly, you can cope healthfully with prejudice whereby you accept yourself, join a social group, and always being positive.Id, Ego and Super Ego in Personality DevelopmentHuman personality is complex and has more than one stage of development. The Id is the personality that one upholds from birth and it includes the instinctive and primitive behavior. The ego stage develops from the id and is responsible for dealing with real-life situations. Lastly, the superego stage is the aspect of personality that holds all the internalized moral standards and ideals that we acquire and learn from people close to us.Types of PersonalitiesType A personality involves how people respond to stress or stressful situations. Type A personality respond competitively, urgently and also with aggressiveness.Type B personality is characterized by accommodating attitude, focus on quality over quantity, and cooperativeness. Individuals with type B personalities are known to approach life in an easy way.Type C personality lacks emotions and does not associate with others. Individuals with this personality seem quiet and thoughtful but in fact, they could be frustrated or angry. Type H personality secludes individuals from type A people and people who suffer more ill effects due to stress. individuals interpret events in primary appraisal differently than other people.

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