Art Appreciation: Shea Hembrey- How I become 100 Artists

Published: 2021-07-06 06:21:23
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The work of art is significant for humans. It makes human beings to appreciate their culture and that of others. Also, the work of art passes information to the society. In particular, they are meant to instill a sense of appreciation of our environment (Chorzępa and Dominika 9). Art welcomes people to the novel ideas, concepts, and ideologies. Human tend to identify themselves with artists and recognize their contribution the art movement. Everyone interprets art in their ways while embracing the kind of implication they get from that particular art. When people enjoy the art, they enhance it and own it. Indeed, art is a celebration of human accomplishments because people have managed to not only fulfill just their basic primal needs but also seek to pass information. To many, art is a luxury, which is a reward for several strides, which humanity has made. Explaining the meaning behind any art movement helps in interpreting it as well as appreciating the people behind those arts. Indeed, it helps in the expression of emotions or an idea. By looking at some of the work of art, people get to know the innovation and creativity the artist applied. One of the artist I would like to appreciate is Shea Hembrey. He was a talented artist who art meant to promote nature and environmental conservation. Shea Hembrey was born in 1974, Arkansas. He is an American artist who received national attention when he releases “SEEK,” which is a biennial of art showing the work of 100 artists. He invented all the 100 artists. Shea Hembrey was raised in a rural area, rich with traditions (Chorzępa and Dominika 11). He made his work of art from firewood and scraps of wood, leaves, grass, and from natural materials, which he found around a farm, Arkansas. He learned about the attractiveness of effortlessness as well as the significance of the essential. Further, he learned to define the world for himself.Shea Hembrey, inspired by disappointments by the contemporary art world. He wanted to give technique its actual meaning (Scotto 29). He is an American artist who made numerous famous show devising 100 personalities who have their narrative and the style of artwork. In particular, after having attended a massive biennial, Hembrey a contemporary artist, was not satisfied with the kind of work that was he witnessed there. Instead, he decided to hold a biennial known as Seek in which he intended to seek out various artists whose works he approved. However, he was not able to find a good number of artists whom he believed were excellent in the artistic works. Resultantly, he made all the work by himself.His biennial showcases his pure and natural genius as an artist. His works comprised several collections which include fake 100 artists whom he persuades with his persona as well as his body of art (Chorzępa and Dominika 9). Notably, the grand project initially introduced at TED, 2011 meeting. His involvement with animals and nature, in general, gave me the experience to study patterns as well as mythology about nature. As to the reason Hembrey decided to fabricate a biennial rather than curating one, he argued that it was easy to make a biennial one he had established the detailed vision of the exhibition that he desired. Once he had an accurate picture or the idea of what he wanted to create by himself, Hembrey came up with high individual characters in his work. The characters, he argues he drew from his the personalities he could see around him. The figures helped him build a robust narrative about is artistic works. Furthermore, Hembrey contends that the several persons in his photographic works were himself.Hembrey believes that it is essential to keep our environment safe and clean. Also, human beings should showcase generosity and maintain peace (Scotto 31). Hembrey has a great significance in the arts and culture. Arts and culture demand innovation and creativity. Also, an artist is culture seeks to improve the life of human beings. Moreover, the materials used in inventions and promotion of arts are within the environment. It is crucial for this generation to embrace the world of art. Also, Hembrey holds that art and culture are part and parcel of our society (Chorzępa and Dominika 7). They contain human values, traditions, believes and customs. They were central to communication.All the 100 items feature different materials, craft, and character showcase impressive humor and virtuosity. Hembereyproject Seek is mainly dependant on human knowledge of the world they live (Nel 252). He claims that his he drew his arts from the nature and the story around the world. His cherish for quality made him develop his project which launched at TED 2011 conference. Additionally, Hemberey credits his capacity to undertake such a magnificent project in creating many voices as well as styles to his upbringing. For 8isnatnce, as a literature student, he wanted to write novels. So, he drew his forms and characters from the environment he lived. He says that he wanted to curate the international show since he could not be able to find a good art that could fit his audience (Scotto 29). He believes that the projects he made had a message to pass the humans.He wanted people to preserve and protect their natural environment. He thought that it was beneficial for the society to conserve their natural habitat. Furthermore, he argues that he made his projects from plant leaves and other natural materials. Hembrey found satisfaction with the kind of art he wanted the society to embrace. Similarly, he used 100 pieces to educate the artists that they should strive in improving the artistic work so that they can inspire the community. It is for that reason that he did not approve and accept their creative works. Overall, Hembrey’ artistic works were exemplary. He adored nature, and so he wanted another artist to draw the features and styles of photographic works from life.Arts and culture demand innovation and creativity (Nel 251). Also, an artist is culture seeks to improve the life of human beings. Therefore, art and culture are begins by humans. Moreover, the materials that are used in inventions and promotion of techniques are within the environment. Hembrey has promoted the art of using our skills to make the world a better place to live. It is essential for this generation to embrace the world of art. To honor and celebrate the two brothers, the society should at all cost promote art.It is my conviction that Shea Hembrey deserved to be celebrated and his names to be included in the traditional books in respect to art movement (Scotto 30). The toiled without giving up to build, invented and flew the first-ever plane in the world. Individual’s artist depicts varied perspective of the world they understood. It can be said these artists painted to know the truth as well as creating an order which helps in understanding life and its aspects sincerely. The issues that have been affecting the world have been captured through art in various ages (Nel 251). This is evidenced when we view the past techniques where sighs were very significant part of the society (Chorzępa and Dominika 9). Additionally, through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were the work of art was an essential form of expressing ideas, and later with the modern period s where even if we have a look of the individual artists, we can have the sense and feeling of the occurrences of the time and that of the world.It is now essential to focus in these stages in details to understand the evolution of art (Scotto 29). To understand the development of art, it is vital for us to be aware of the political, religious and symbols so that we can know the perception, experiences, and insights of the artist. Occasionally, some aspect of the world are exaggerated or even removed, whereas the art shows the periods of the orientation of the artist. Thus, the modern society should embrace the work of art since it has many benefits. First, it is a source of employment for many people. The implication is that people can earn their livelihood through the work of art. Secondly, one can use the art movement to pass an important message to the society. The implication is that one may change the perception of the society as they get educated on how they can preserve the environment. Just as Shea Hembrey did, he used art t show the value of nature, this generation can too use art to embrace our mother nature.In summary, Shea Hembrey is one the personalities who have to give the artistic world its meaning. He disapproved the traditional art form that did not take keen interest to embrace nature. The artist strived to provide a unique feel to art government. To him, art was supposed to be used to adapt nature and appreciate our environment. An excellent piece of art is and should be revised. Thus, it is being passed from one generation to the other.Works CitedNel. Becoming (In) Coherent Scholars in Neoliberal Times.” Cultural Studies↔ Critical Methodologies17.3 (2017): 251-261.Chorzępa, Paweł, and Dominika Czakon. “The Category of Artistic Thinking and the Conception of Roman Ingarden’s Aesthetic Situation.” Estetyka I Krytyka 3 (2014): 9-22.Scotto di Carlo, Giuseppina. “Stance in TED talks: Strategic use of subjective adjectives in online popularisation.” Ibérica29 (2015).

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