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Published: 2021-07-07 00:04:38
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Q1The main purpose for the article is to report on the research conducted by the author to study the relationship that exists between anomie and rapid sociopolitical changes in the society. Anomie which refers to lack of standard ethical codes of conduct on individuals or groups of people is not new, but an old concept. When conducting the study, the authors grounded the research on Emile Durkheim’s theory of social transition. Durkheim’s theory provided a framework for the research because it had theorized that anomie is a real by-product of the process of sociological change in the society. The thesis of the study was therefore that the rapid change in the sociopolitical climate has a disruptive effect on the regulation and social integration of the society at structural levels (Zhao & Cao, 2010). Therefore, to respond to the research question and the hypothesis, the researchers used the systematic review procedure to conduct studies.  Q2In this research, the author sought to answer some questions. The first question which the research was trying to respond to was that socio-political changes which take place in the society could disrupt the regulations and integration. Besides, the research was intending to answer if anomie is a product of socio-political changes in the society. The third question which was answered by the researcher is the difference in the levels of anomie between the micro and macro-levels in the society (Zhao & Cao, 2010). These are the questions which the researcher wanted to answer throughout the research. Therefore, to do so, he had to use his research skills to collect, analyze, and interpret the data. A thorough reading of the article demonstrates that the researcher managed to respond to these questions in the best way possible adequately.Q3To adequately respond to the research questions, the researcher collected data using a documentary analysis. He did this by analyzing two different data sources: World Health Inequality Database (WIID) and the World Values Survey. These are research works which had been done some years ago by different stakeholders. Although they were done in a different context, the researcher felt that it would be appropriate to use them because they would adequately respond to the research questions. The studies were carried out using standard research methodologies. For instance, when it comes to data collection, everything was executed using the use of questionnaires (Zhao & Cao, 2010). Hence, to generate his data, the researcher had to carry out a well-organized review of the available dataset. After the review process, the researcher measured all the dependent and independent variables which had been part of the study. Upon successful completion of all these, the author used the HML analysis to help in analyzing all the data which had been gathered. HLM is a type of analysis which involves the use of the HLM 6 software to analyze all the data.Q4Although the researcher did a commendable job for carrying out studies on a topic which has not been exploited, the research ended up having some limitations that might compromise the quality, reliability, and the validity of the findings. One of the weaknesses that occurred in the data-collection is the use of a data which was not appropriate for the context in which the studies took place. Despite researching a later date, the author decided to use old statistics which were generated in 1995 (Zhao & Cao, 2010). Besides, in the statistics which the author used, he included all the contents except Africa. This is bias because it also had to be part of the research as it was intended for the global audience.

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