Asian American and Ethnic studies

Published: 2021-07-06 06:40:45
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The USA is diversified in terms of Asian American population. These Asian Americans are deep-rooted in American culture. Following curricular activities for 2nd-grade students would enhance their knowledge about Asian American and ethnic studies. Activity # 1 An essay on the background of Asian American. Learning advantage This activity would help them understand the origin of the Asian community. Asians belong to different parts of continent Asia form the demographics of USA. This essay about background will cover an idea about South Asian, South East Asian and East Asian origin and their brief history. Asian American Ethnic studies examine the critical perspective of history, cultural and linguistic background of Asian Americans. Also, the circumstances that prompted Asians to migrate to the US. The studies are in the context of national, international and local perspectives. It is also considered a field of inquiry in intellectual of the era of 1960’s. Activity # 2 Summarize the discussion with each other on Asian American ethnicity in your own words in words. Learning advantage This activity will engage students with the Asian American background. An open discussion will take place among students as to how Asian American feel in American society. What are their expectations from the society in general and what were the issues faced by the grandparents of Asian Americans when they first migrated to the US? The organization named Association for Asian American Studies was formed in 1979 with the aim of representation on behalf of Asian American. It also intended to educate Americans about the history and circumstances of Asian ethnicity. These activities would make students aware of the significance of the founding of Asian American and Ethnic Studies. As a student of 2nd grade, above activities, will lay a solid foundation for learning.

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