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Published: 2021-07-06 06:39:34
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Internet ReferencesBaby Center is a website that deals with the information related to the topics of pregnancies, newly born baby, and regarding every stage of the development of the child. It gives expert advice on useful tips for getting pregnant, benefits and methods of family planning, the signs, and indications of ovulation, what causes infertility, etc. The resources or the tools that are used are the ovulation calculator, detection of ovulation, due date, and baby costs calculator. All these instruments help ladies know whether they are pregnant. It also provides the to-do list making things easier for the pregnant or to-be pregnant women. All information about the week by week pregnancy is provided along with the baby names.When the baby is born, its developmental stages and psychological issues are discussed. I found this website helpful for the women who need aid in times of pregnancy. However, the site doesn’t provide any learning activities for the kids. Rather, it’s just for the women how to deal with their offspring. On the other hand, is a site for the teachers, kids, teenagers, parents, and the librarians. It provides an organized library of the resources that can be used for these classes of people. The site is a key to the path of educational skills. The Early Childhood Development Group focuses on children in disadvantaged conditions and circumstances and aims to make the policies better for the children in their early childhood. The group promotes a broad dialogue among the policy-makers, the practitioners, national and international agencies, and the researchers. This dialogue takes place by means of analyzing the knowledge, synthesizing and disseminating it, and also by means of coordinated advocacy.Where the Baby Center provides knowledge about every developmental stage of a child, the Early Childhood Development Group brings about the policies and plans for the better development of the children especially who are suffering from the distressing or disadvantaged circumstances and situations. The Idea Box is a source which provides the kids with creative ideas. There’s so much to learn here; different do-it-yourself tasks, various creative activities, music, and many other crafts. Moms can use this site play with their kids and make them learn new stuff which enhances their creativity and knowledge. Action for Healthy Kids has taken a step to combat childhood obesity. It raises the awareness among the parents and guardians regarding obesity and how they can make their kids healthy and away from harmful eating habits. They have created programs in which they engage children in healthy physical activities so that they can learn how to stay fit and healthy and the benefits of good health.All the sources were related to the better development of children from the stage when they are in their mother’s womb till they become an adult. Only the Baby Center provides the knowledge of pregnancy stages and after the baby is born, about the psychological developments of the child. The Early Childhood Development Group looks out for the disadvantaged children and aims to provide better policies for their well-being. Action for Healthy Kids focuses on the health of children. The Idea Box and create a platform where the kids learn new things and are helpful for the guardians and parents to teach them new things the new way.ReferencesAction for Healthy Kids. (n.d.). Retrieved April 13, 2018, from Crafts, Games, Recipes & Activities for Early Childhood Education! (n.d.). Retrieved April 13, 2018, from, J. (n.d.). About ECD Group. Retrieved April 13, 2018, from Library. (n.d.). Retrieved April 13, 2018, from TIMPANI Toy Study | Center for Early Childhood … (n.d.). Retrieved April 13, 2018, from,5065.1Expert info for pregnancy & parenting. (2017, June 26). Retrieved April 13, 2018, from

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