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Published: 2021-07-06 23:15:47
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Enrich investigates several challenges that low-wage workers experience. Such with include the hidden cost that goes to rents. She asserts that the poor usually spend a lot of money on the hotels than they would pay for shelter because they do not have the security deposit that is required by the landlords. Thus, the poor people are compelled to buy foods which are expensive and are unhealthy that they would afford if they had the fridges and appliances they would require so that they can cook.First, Barbara refutes the idea that only the unskilled people fit the low wage jobs. She found out that manual work needs implausible efforts of stamina, memory, active learning as well as quick thinking. She believes that to hold a job market people consistently work through the pain. This pain they get through quick movements they are put through. Enrich has also exposed the many in the management responsibilities which were out to interfere with the productivity of the workers by forcing them to task with even low wages (Barbara 23). She gives the instance of herself schedule being shifted by the manager weekly without informing her. She believes that such director’s carry our personality test regularly to remove argues workers. She says that this practice is common in low-wage business. This prevents the qualified applicants as well as denying employees the liberty and do not have the positive correlation with job performance.Moreover, she asserts that low wage market is unable to supper one person, let alone his or her family. This is because the prices of houses are inflating plus the regular earnings that stay with us. She regards the working poor as the philanthropist; they sacrifice everything for their employers (Barbara 14). She believes that all wage employees, the recipient of government or free services such health care, and food as well as welfare is not live off by the generosity of their employees. Instead, those employees are living off their generosity. She asserts that these people sacrifice their time, their children and even their leisure to make their employs comfortable.They leave their children behind while those children of their employees are properly cared for. This how low waged workers sacrifice everything about them to make ends meet. The prosperity that the employees have and brag about are the low paid efforts of the workers. Barbara believes that this low wage worker should be adequately paid so that they sort out their bills effectively (Barbara 15). She believes that this person has greater roles in the society and the running of businesses. Barbara hopes that one time low waged worker will rise and demand fair treatment from their employees. Fromm that time then things would move on smoothly. The low wage workers would be able live and not survive shelters while buying expensive foods in hotels.According to Barbara Enrich(13), may people takes many chains of unglamorous jobs including waitressing, housecleaning and retail sales, and they live on meager payments of these jobs he asserts that these youths strive to take a second job so that they can make ends meet. Despite the fact these teens add their second jobs to the one they already have, they cannot still meet the minimum wage; they cannot pay their bills effectively. The author asserts that getting by in America is not an easy thing (Basu 24). People will continue working and add more jobs, but they will still not pay their bills and remain with some money for other purposes. Additionally, he posits that may workers especially those working in the kitchen do not even have time for themselves. They work very hard throughout the day without even eating something. The reason is that they are working for money (Barbara 16). These youth was doubling their work, find it quite difficult to have their free or leisure time. The work in a hotel is so much that someone cannot have his or her time off.To make ends, meet, many people struggle, they have to meet different customers they serve, and some show respect while others do not show them respect. Also, while working and different departments, there are different management practices. Some managers are so harsh and do not care giving off to the staff. Thus, our times are just occupied with running for jobs from point to another yet we cannot pay our bills and have something that can make our end meet. Barbra highlights the extent to which the greed for money has attacked our system. She tells us about the colleague who they were working with at the Jerry’s Hotel, This fellow was called George; she realized that George was not being paid yet he was working tirelessly. His urgent was who instead received the payment from Jerry’s.This shows us how people strive to make money by using others people as their slaves (Barbara 17). The agent is the one who pays them and gets the difference in the amount that Jerry pays his employees. She adds that they are many shipped employee like George who were mistreated, they worked very hard, yet their agents gave them stipend that cannot afford to pay their bills. Barbara herself claims that the money she was paid by Jerry could not be able to pay her bills. Barbra exposes to us that the lifestyle we can never allow us to make money (Barbara 18). She argue that many people’s lifestyle such drinking alcohol are consuming our hard earned few bucks. She narrates the story of the employees at Jerry’s. The experience is horrible. People work yet their meager payments that they are given does not add up.In conclusion, Barbra Enrich is a journalist with PhD in Cell biology; she was concerned by the persistent low wage market as well as the unfair treatment of workers. To find out the truth about the experience workers undergo, she looked for employment in hotel where she served with their employees; she figured out that the situation is not nay better. Employees perform quite a lot, yet they are given meager payments. She says that workers are sacrificing almost everything for their employees. They leave their children behind as those children of their employees are well cared for. They buy unhealthy and expensive foods. Finally, she hopes that one day workers will demand fair treatment. That time will be the beginning of better things.

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