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Published: 2021-07-06 23:16:42
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IntroductionGospel means a good or positive news which covers the Christian faith. Gospel explains the concept of God, Jesus, Humanity, and Restoration. It provides an analysis of the Christian perception regarding the world. It describes the Jesus is the source of forgiveness that is why he dies to pay the price of the sins of people and as a result, we all became children of God (Gospel of God). The good message means that people will receive forgiveness if they stick to the concept of Gospel as this is the Gift from God. According to Gospel, Jesus came to this world for the salvation of people. The essence of Gospel is the death, burying, resurrection and arrival of the Jesus Christ. The resurrection was the major part of Gospel. The central concept of the Gospel is the admission in two ways 1) Jesus died for the sins of mankind, 2) He was resurrected on the 3rd day of the death.GodThe Gospel describes God as a spirit. According to Gospel of John, while talking to a woman, Jesus explicitly said: “God is a spirit”. Spirit means a force which is not contained in a body as a human’s thus God is not limited to a certain shape and boundary. God is present everywhere. He is an absolute eternal, human eyes cannot measure or capture him. His wisdom is beyond man’s thinking. “Handle Me and see, for a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see I have” (Luke 24:39, NKJV). God is majestic, he is the creator of this world, we all shall return to him as we all are the creation of God. He holds ultimate power, love, and mercy. He is divine. God is perfect in every single aspect. He wants salvation of people, he forgives people, and he answers to their prayers. God is light without any darkness (I John 1:5)HumanityBy nature a human being has senses of feeling, thinking, desires, love, hate, and passion. Human has free will that is why he either can commit sin or move towards righteousness. Also, being human doesn’t mean that sin is a compulsory part of his composition. The purpose of humanity is purification and reconciliation by the means of redemption, salvation, and truth. God through his unlimited wisdom brings misled human being to the right path so that he can build a relationship with this creator. The root cause of the world’s problem is the problem of heart as many problems come from the heart. Jesus tells us “heart is the source of evil thoughts such as murder, theft, sexual abuse, false evidence, immorality” (Matthew 15:19). Human problems are that they fall into sin which results in their loose connection with God. The man becomes materialistic in this world and they forget the message of God which he has revealed. The freedom and authority that God has given to man, he some time misuses them and stoops low and that is why he is unable to recognize God as a God.JesusAccording to Gospel, Jesus was a true reflection of God, he came to the world to spread the message of God, he wanted to purify the world, his main purpose was to wipe off the sins from this world so that people could build a strong relationship with God through salvation and redemption. Jesus conveyed the message of God, he told people that God loves them and he wants people to develop their relationship with God and enter his kingdom free from sins (John 3:16). Even if someone is sinful, God forgives them as he is merciful. Jesus worked for strengthening people’s belief in God and show them the right path. The Christians all over the world follow Jesus as he made a great sacrifice by giving his life for the sins of people and he was raised by the God on the third day. The sacrifice of Jesus is the most important thing for the people around the world.RestorationThe solution to human problems lies in the message of Jesus. In order to get rid of today’s problems, one needs to understand and follow the teachings of God. Jesus preached “love your God with your heart soul and mind. This is the first and greatest commandment In this regard, the second commandment is to love your neighbors the way you love yourself”. (Matthew 22:37-40). Grace and faith work side by side, grace means the act of God and faith means what we do or what is our belief. A person should build a strong connection with God to get salvation, God has shown us the right path, and he sent Jesus Christ to convey the message of God. The Gospel is a good news to all of the people, it contains the message of peace, love, and righteousness. The self and world can be transformed if people start practicing the teachings of Jesus Christ in its true letter and spirit and follow the right direction that was shown to him.AnalysisThe main strength of Christianity is the message of love to mankind, humanity, and God. The love of God is the main ingredient of Christianity and it is the primary step towards the righteousness (John 3:16). Once a human being has developed love with God then he would human beings and will refrain from all the evils and bad deeds. This is what Jesus preached us so that we can achieve the highest degree of humanity and can enter paradise. The confusing thing about Christianity is that it has so many empirical evidence which is sometimes hard to believe for some people. Also, sometimes priests don’t play a positive role in this religion, they have been found in some activities which are deplorable and as a result of that, it created a bit of drift between people and church. However, the most influencing factor in Christianity is that Jesus lost his life for the sins of all mankind not just for any particular class. Therefore, everyone should read and follow the message of Jesus who came as a Savior of mankind.ReflectionThe message of Christianity is very strong. Jesus came to this world as a Savior of mankind. He conveyed the message of God, he showed the right path to humanity. He emphasized on the message of love, the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ was an indication that he was not an ordinary human being, he was chosen to show the path of salvation to the people. They should build a strong relationship with God, this is the first step towards their righteousness. Once you strengthen your belief in God then you will be to transform your life. When you love God, you will love humanity. Through the preaching of Jesus and love to God, all the problems of this world can be solved. The human would know the truth, they would recognize God in their souls. If someone understands this message then he can further preach this for the betterment of society.ConclusionThe Christianity is all about the strong belief in God. Jesus has preached to love God, build a strong relationship with God for your salvation, God is the creator of this universe, and he is eternal. He is the one who forgives. Through Jesus, he delivered a message to the mankind. Jesus described that the main problem of the human being is the heart of all the evil ideas come from the heart (Matthew 15:19). That is why Jesus wanted to purify the hearts of people so that they can become a good human being and start loving God and other fellow humans. Love to God is the primary step towards self-purification and spiritual healing. Also, Jesus made a huge sacrifice for the mankind as he died for the sins of humanity so that they can achieve salvation (Gospel of God). Therefore, we should understand and follow the message of Jesus to become righteous and to get ultimate success.ReferencesBultmann, R. (2014). The Gospel of John: a commentary (Vol. 1). Wipf and Stock Publishers.France, R. T. (2007). The gospel of Matthew. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing.Marshall, I. H. (1978). The gospel of Luke. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing.Nee, W. (1997). Gospel of God (Vol. 2). Living Stream Ministry.

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