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Blood clotting or blood coagulation can be defined as the process through which blood modified from the liquid form and turned into a gel that is commonly known as a blood clot. Blood coagulation prevents blood from losing from an injured and wounded vessel, organ or tissue. The underlying procedure of blood coagulation is comprised of two fundamental systems. The first system involves the development of a blood clot named thrombus that comprised of a complex series of a cellular system built on platelets. According to this process, platelets revolve throughout the blood and formulate plug over an injured vessel of blood. Meanwhile, the second system features formulation of a fibrin clot. Evidently, the first and second system work in harmony and make clot by considering three interrelated imperative clotting or coagulation factors which are as follow:Coagulation factors developed in the leverIonized calcium attained through bloodphospholipidsThe process of blood coagulation comprised of ten underlying steps which start from an injury to a blood vessel. The second step is the platelet adhesion which takes place to join the membrane receptors located on the exterior side of affected endothelium. In the third step, platelets become activated and excrete granules into the plasma. Activation of protein-based kinase and alterations of kallikrein into Kinin are fourth and fifth phases respectively. Afterwards, comes the stage of development of blood clotting cascade that in turn activates prothrombin into thrombin. Now comes the stage of controlling of thrombin which is necessary because excessive releasing of this substance can pose harmful impact. Activation of fibrinogen into fibrin and then suspension of fibrin clot are ninth and tenth stages. The instant procedural of blood clotting that stops blood from losing is medically known as hemostasis.Work CitedTeam, The MNT Editorial. “What Is Coagulation? How Does Our Blood Clot?” Medical News Today, MediLexicon International, 29 Mar. 2016,

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