Bloody Diarrhea Essay

Published: 2021-07-07 00:21:53
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Bloody diarrhea is not a very common symptom in children and it may be due to severe infection. There are some studies enlightening the cases of children present in primary care center. Parents should be aware of probable causes, initial management and the other indicators. This is the case of traveler’s diarrhea in developed county.Diagnosis According to the early diagnosis E.coli is one of the coliform residing in human intestine. But children are more prone to have serious infections. There are some virulent strains of E.coli like O157 and H7 which have specific genes for adhesion and specialized structure called fimbriae. These adhesive fimbriae help to colonize intestine of human.Critical Features of diagnosis:Symptoms: in the history some symptoms might be misleading but most are leading towards correct diagnosis. For example, travelling, bloody diarrhea, the ground beef can be under cooked, disorder in kidney activity and lysis of red blood cells.Pathogenesis caused by E.coli:E.coli contains Enterotoxigenic. These toxins are heat stable and cause severe diarrhea. They also stimulate secretions and fluid loss. Other type of infectious feature is Enterohemorrhagic E. coli. These strains are most common pathogenic E.coli in industrialized countries. They are responsible for kidney dis function and hemorrhagic syndrome.Conclusion: it was concluded that under cooked beef was the cause of infection. To resist the infections, fast food restaurant could have carefully cooked the ground beef to get rid of the bacteria.

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