British Petroleum Financial Analysis

Published: 2021-07-06 06:25:50
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Performance StrategyFinancial Analysis (from 2013 – 2017)British Petroleum has been having fluctuating sales revenues from 2013 to 2017. It had sales revenue of $396217 in 2013, and it declined to $ 358678 in 2014. The growth trend of sales revenue is at a declining rate from 2013 to 2016 and started to rise again in 2017 as shown in the revenue growth trend curve shown below.BP is expected to have a sales target of $269 341 in 2018, 281 131 in 2019 and $264 518 in 2020. The increase in sales will be generated from the sale of petroleum products which it sells in more than 80 countries across the World. Its central sales revenues come from oil products which it explores, produces, refines and distributes in the global market. There is another source of revenues such as power generation and trade in other energy activities contributes towards its increase in sales revenues.Year201520162017201820192020Sales222 894183 008240 208269 341281 131264 518EBITDA24 01016 54227 53632 53034 15235 505EBIT8 7912 03711 95216 15716 78818 613EBT-9 571-2 2957 18013 38915 56917 754Net income-6 4841153 3898 6449 19610 301BP improves its sales revenues through the addition of complementary services to its existing products. It also sells other sources of energy apart from petroleum products such as gas. BP explores produces, refines and market different sources of energy. The addition of complementary services helps it attract many customers who increase its sales revenues. BP also improves its sales revenues through the extension of the geographic market area. This strategy is essential to BP because it opens the market for its products. For BP to further increase its sales revenues, it also has to enter into cooperative sales agreements with other companies dealing with complementary products to help it sell its products. It collaborates with companies such as Shell, Total and others to sell its products.BP also improves its sales revenues through the provision of exclusive discounts that makes it different from its competitors. It offers quantity discounts to its customers that buy its petroleum products in large quantities. BP also provides tie-in discount by ensuring that it sells two or more different products together. This helps it increase its sales volume and attract more customers to its products. Finally, the increase in sales revenue can also be enhanced through diversification. BP has to introduce many more products to develop exponential growth. It is important for BP to identify the product that the target customers prefer most in the market. This will attract many customers and increase their satisfaction.Fiscal Year ending20132014201520162017Revenue396217358678225982186606226681Sales difference-37539-132696-3937640075percentage differences from year to year9%37%17%21%BP has a negative percentage sales difference from 2013 to 2016. Its change in sales is fluctuating, and it starts to increase in 2017 by 21%. This increase in sales revenue was due to the attraction of new customers through the above strategies.Balance ScorecardObjectivesKey measuresTargetsInitiativesFinancials-To increase sales revenues-To increase profitability-To enhance shareholders earnings-Sales growth rate-Profit margins-Dividend payout ratio$269 341M$8 644M-Diversification-Provision of special discounts-Addition of complementary servicesCustomers-To improve customer satisfaction-To enhance customer retention ability-To attract customers-Customer retention ability-Customer retention ability-Customer attraction ability-Retain all the existing customers-Retain more customers-Acquire new customers-Increase product quality-Offer products for sale at a lower price-Offer special discounts to customersInternal business processesTo improve customer serviceTo enhance production capacityTo increase product qualityProduct and service qualityHigh product qualityAssessment of product quality before distributionMotivate employeesLearning and growthTo improve the capability of workersCreate strategic awareness and motivationEmployees performanceCompetent workersOffer free trainingProvide some training programs relating to the organization needs. 

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