Brutus Bulldog Self Defense Keychain

Published: 2021-07-07 00:11:26
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Target market The target market includes teenagers and school going children whose security is at risk. These individuals are playful and often find themselves in controversial situations where their safety is at stake. The product will provide a self-defense mechanism if they are attacked.Competition The product faces stiff competition from other personal defense tools that almost serve the same purpose. The other competing products include; Aluminum Blunt Force Kubaton, Fury Tactical SDK, United Cutlery Black Legion Finger Kubaton, and Nukotools Fatboy G10 Punchring.Market trends The demand for personal defense tools is increasing due to rising cases of insecurity. Children and teenagers are attacked by strangers leaving them injured and sometimes death. These personal defense tools can help combat physical injuries by instilling pain to the attacker allowing children to flee and seek help.Information sources The police provide information on the number of personal attack cases reported to the agencies. The information is useful in marketing as it identifies individuals are frequently attacked.Marketing campaign A marketing campaign should be conducted to target school going children and raise awareness to parents on the need to have this tool as an additional self-defense mechanism.Advertising The advertisement should be done partially on the internet and television media. Majority of the advertisement should be done in schools using posters.Pricing The product is priced at $3.6 each. A discount is offered if one chooses to buy more products, for example, five or more products will be sold at $3.2 each.Sales StrategiesThe product will be sold through retail stores and personal selling representatives. Sales agents will visit organizations meeting adults with children and explaining the importance of the product for personal defense. Their efforts could result in sales when this target market chooses to buy them for their kids.Monitoring Sales of the product should be monitored weekly. Weekly monitoring allows for the change of strategy. 

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