Business ethics week 5

Published: 2021-07-06 06:42:20
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There are many ethical issues in the business world that concern consumer. Businesses have moral responsibilities to play regarding consumers. In this paper, I will discuss only two primary responsibilities (Fredrick, 36). One is that companies must provide to consumers the products they purchase meaning consumers should not be deceived. Again whatever they buy should be worth their money. Secondly is that business should not aim at harming consumers. Businesses have not played their roles expertly. However, businesses make decisions that are not ethical duties. Some can be considered to be ethically favorable while others are not. Utilitarian argue that business should be at the forefront of helping consumers live better lives.The reason why the government allows free trade is the fact that they believe free trade leads to productivity, competition and a better society. With this consumers are hoped to be the most informed, but this is not usually case (Fredrick, 345). Most consumers do not know about the product they buy (Shaw, 456). Therefore businesses and organization need to be honest about the quality, content and the price of the product they sell. For example regarding product safety, businesses have a responsibility to provide consumers with the product that are safe for use (Shaw, 100). However, this has not been the case; for example, the manufacturers of products that relate to medical treatment in United States manufacture drug contain supplements that have a harmful side effect on human beings. In other cases you find children toys having dangerous chemicals such as lead. Government regulations on businesses are better but not always sufficient therefore companies need to take it upon themselves and provide safe products. They should, the safety of consumers as a priority. Secondly is that they should monitor the manufacturing process. Lastly is that companies should always listen to complaints from Customers.Work citedFredrick, Robert. A Companion to Business Ethics. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, 2007. Internet resource.Shaw, William H. Business Ethics. Boston, MA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, 2014. Print.

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