Business Plan France and Germany Comparison

Published: 2021-07-06 06:23:46
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APPEARANCEFRANCEGERMANYFrench people dress conventionally and wear well-tailored suits.Germany is conservative in their dressing.French are conscious of their clothes and appearance.Businessmen and women, observe dark colors and plain white shirts.French business environment, practice dark colors and avoid bright colors.Chewing gum while talking to someone is considered rude.BEHAVIORFRANCEGERMANYFrench people are casual in punctuality.Punctuality is an essential part of a business meeting for Germans.French handshake is short, followed by eye contact.Germans’ handshake is like he has met you for the first time.Most of their gifts are books or music records, as they believe it to be moderate.Germans don’t like surprises.COMMUNICATIONFRANCEGERMANYIf you do not speak French, it is found offending.Germans are offended by the lack of German dialect.The interruption in conversation is reasonable, as they found it to be entertaining.Business professional find it weird when you call them in non-business hours.The French appreciate the art of conversation.Germans love when you call them with their full name.BUSINESS MEETINGSFRANCEGERMANYMeetings are organized before time.Proposed appointments are set for business meetings.Business meetings can be done over video conference, if necessary.Intranet sources are also used in the video making.Business meetings are done only in the business hours.Casual business times are fine for a german meeting.In order for a US consultant executives to be successful in the French and german environment, they need to analyze their behaviors, dressing and communication styles. Moreover, business meetings have a certain ethical codes, which vary across different cultures. These should also be considered important.In terms of appearance, US consultants should keep in mind that the French culture is very rich in traditions and they care about their heritage. So, they dress also the same way. They wear old fashioned suits, where three buttons tailored clothes were used and now also they wear the same way. Appearance is the first impression upon an individual and can be judged by it. So, the executives can follow the tradition of French people in making interactions professionally. Germans, are more sort of conservative in their dressing. They are also sensitive in their clothing, and judge a person mostly because of their dressing.France, is very casual in their punctuality. It is normal for a French personnel to arrive late at any occasion. It can be business or personal. It is not of great importance, coming late to any event. So, if a US executive is there for a meeting and the French guy is late, don’t get offended, because it is the way it is. While, germans are total opposite to it. They find it a disgrace if a person is coming late to a meeting. The culture difference can be judged by this behavior. In two different countries, US executives need to behave differently. Another aspect is when physically interaction. French prefer a short and brief handshake while meeting a person, while germans will meet you like you meeting them after a long time or for the first time. Their handshake is sort of warm. These behaviors are different and can be managed accordingly.When it comes to communication, French and Germans both are offended if a person does not know their native language. US consulting company needs to send such personnel who know how to speak french and german dialects. Otherwise, this will display a bad reflection about the culture of US. This will affect the harmony of two cultures. French people also like counter conversation i.e. if you are speaking to a french guy, and he cuts you and starts their own say, it is normal. No need to get offended. While germans, like if you call them by their full name. Calling them by their first name or last name only, is thought not to be professional.Business etiquettes also include calling a german guy only in business hours. While, french guy can be called upon at any time possible. Unlike US, they have different communications standards. Germans don’t like you to get in to their private hours. While, french don’t have any issue with it.When approaching for a business meeting, the executives needs to set appointments, both in france and Germany. In both countries, this is the ethic about setting meetings. Pre-planned meetings are in order, not casual time or on-time meetings. This is observed by both business cultures. Both of the countries use electronic mediums for overseas meeting concerns. This practice also needs to be observed by the US executives, where there is no need to travel to the country for a meeting. The meeting can be done over the video source.These aspects of business etiquettes can be helpful in making assumptions and achieving a successful result out of it. It can also help the US executives to get prepared about the business ethics challenges they are going to face. Keeping these factors in mind, can help them in overcoming the situations and producing good results.

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