Cardiovascular Disease and HIV Essay

Published: 2021-07-07 00:08:28
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SummaryIn the past, HIV has been associated with a short lifespan for the infected people. However, with the determination of the antiretroviral medication, the life expectancy for the people living with HIV has increased. This means that the infected people can now live longer than it has been the case in the past. This is good news for the patients, but not as conclusive as it sounds. This is because as the patients live longer, they are faced with various health challenges that increase their health complications. The primary disease affecting the patients is the heart failure, taking the highest rate for HIV killer diseases. The Cardiovascular disease and the HIV compete and make the health condition worse for the patients. Each of the complications requires being treated from time to time. This, therefore, places the nurses and healthcare service providers on notice that they need to consider the effect of each of the medication. The treatment of the HIV infection leads to the increase in the chances of worsening of the heart congestion failure.The retroviral medication increases the possibility of the cardiovascular system infection. Therapies such as Ronald’s Saquinavir induce protease inhibitors in the patient’s body. Dyslipidemia is a critical condition for the people living with HIV. Therefore, its treatment plays a vital role in the reduction of the defects caused by the coronary artery. Another area of competing needs for medication is one involving a man diagnosed with HIV for about 16 years. In this case, the patient proves to be a drug abuser, as he has been using cocaine for a long time. The use of the antiretroviral drugs as well as the cocaine at the same time increases the level of toxins in his body (Cournoyer et al, 2016). This complicates his condition the more. It is the role of the nurses to determine the rate at which the two health complications compete. There is a need to observe the physical fitness and observe the diet. This will work with the medication prescribed with minimal effects. Serum digoxin is, therefore, to be observed carefully to ensure that they remain within the therapeutic range.Concepts learned from the articleThe level of HIV infection has changed from one aspect to the other, turning to be a chronic disease. The HIV in itself is not as deadly as it sounds. However, HIV weakens the immune system of the patient and thus allows easy penetration of the other diseases. Besides, the attempt to offer medical care for the patient increases the health complications. This is because the retroviral medication leads to an induction of the heart congestion disease. Also, there is an increase in the risk of contracting the cardiovascular condition. The various complications, therefore, get to compete. This worsens the health condition of the patient. The nurses, therefore, require determining the level of medication to offer and the effect they have on the patient. They need to balance between offering the HIV medication and the rest of the treatment. Drug abuse also complicates the treatment of the patient further. This is because both the drugs, such as cocaine and the retroviral medicines increase the toxins. Renal insufficiency and antiretroviral effects need to be considered in offering the initial medication on the patient.If the concepts were newMost of the concepts were not new. However, they were elaborated in a detailed manner. For instance, the article presents the actual elements that lead to the contraction of the cardiovascular diseases. The concepts have been present in the past cases but in shallow details. As such, a better understanding is given by the descriptions given. The past concepts illustrated that the use of drugs increases the effects of the HIV. However, the relationship between the two conditions was not tabled in details. However, the concept of competing medication is quite new. The article illustrates that none of the treatment offered to the HIV patient is better than the other. It can be well taken that the offering of medication on unbalanced platform leads to more complications. The role of the medical practitioners in enhanced a balanced form of medication is, therefore, more understood.Possible future nursing research applicationsThe article presents some crucial information on the relevant areas that nurses need to concentrate on in future. It is a suggestion that nurses have to change their view on the medication process of the patients living with HIV. This is gained from the provision that the various infections affecting the patient require competing attention. It is the role of the nurses to induce a deeper study on the best way to offer equal treatment to all the arising health complications (Cournoyer et al, 2016). The concentration on the provision of health care, therefore, ought to shift from the diseases to the form of medication offered.Relationship of the content to the Molloy value systemThe Molloy value system requires that the decision made considers the community, spiritual, and service as well as study aspects. In this regard, the decision made ought to be all around and not concentrate on one line of thoughts. The article presents that the medication help offered ought to consider the effect thereafter. It advocates for an in-depth level of study to determine the best way to offer medical services to the patient.ReferencesCournoyer, J. M., Garms, A. P., Thiessen, K. N., Bowers, M. T., Johnson, M. D., & Relf, M. V. (2016). Cardiovascular Disease and HIV: Pathophysiology, Treatment Considerations, and Nursing Implications. Critical care nurse, 36(5), 37-46.

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