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Published: 2021-07-06 06:42:08
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Personal AssessmentThrough Career Action Worksheet, it was discovered that my strongest personal qualities are honesty and integrity. It is because when I was asked about my personal qualities, honesty and high integrity came first. I believe in honesty and high integrity because they are some of the ingredients that allow an individual to excel in life. Without being honest and having high integrity, it would be impossible to work with different people to achieve specific goals. However, I would want to contribute to the society through educating people of several issues, and therefore, I would want to become an educator in the society. This came out clear during assessment and my career worksheet because it was one of the values that came out vividly when I undertook SIGI3 assessment. And therefore, I would want to work in an environment where teamwork is embraced. Teamwork allows employees to work cohesively as they learn about the new challenges together. It allows employees to achieve one goal at time.In addition, during the Career Action Worksheet assessment I decided to pick training, education and activities inventory as my values. It is because in my career autobiography worksheet, education, training and were very essential for me, and this can be traced from my career management action. They also came out clear when I took assessment and therefore, I believe my core values are education, training and activities. It profoundly came out vividly that paying attention to detail is very important to me because it helps in grasping thing very fast. It is important at work and for personal life as well. During the assessment it also came out clear that pay attention can help in achievement of goals and therefore, I listen and pay attention to detail in order to accomplish a task based on the description provided.However, in order to be committed to a job and work tirelessly to achieve specific goals, there must a job security. During the Career Action worksheet, it emerged clearly that security is important for future investment and. In the worksheet autobiography assessment security came out to be an essential value. It is because job security makes an employee to settle and have a clear investment plans. With job security I can have a long term investment strategy since I am not going to be worried of being dismissed abruptly. It makes it to be one of the important values which I consider before deciding to take a job.The assessment made me to discover that I have several values which are essential for both personal and career growth. During the SIGI3 assessment it came out clear that leadership is also one of the important value to me. First, it is because in my resume I mentioned supervision as one of the skills which I have. It also came out strongly after I had an interview with Geico regarding leadership. Since when I was asked where I see myself and what position I see myself having in the future, I openly stated a leader. It is because being a supervisor is a sign of leadership and since I mentioned in my resume that I have been a supervisor, I am more likely to become a leader.Moreover, through the assessment it came out that I am very independent an individual in terms of address issues and making decision. Independent is one of the essential values which guides my actions and being independent allows an individual to make decisions which some might be hard. . As a career person it is important to be independent so that an individual can make the right decision or choice. Being independent means that someone is able to think and decide on what to do for the best interest of the company. Therefore, during the career worksheet when I was asked about making hard choices and deciding on things to do which I believe was trying to understand my choice of being independent. I mentioned that decision making specially when in leadership position required an independent minded person to provide direction to the subjects and being a leader it is fruitful to be an independent minded person.Most importantly, it came out that analysing data is also an essential skill to me and it came out very clear during the assessment of SIGI3. It is the reason why when I was asked to list my skills in my occupation and I mentioned data analysis. It is also mentioned in my resume as a certification skill and therefore, I am skilled and experienced in data analysis. Data analysis skills give me the knowledge and background to view things in details before making any decision. In order to provide a good leadership and serve the community as required one need not to be in worry when it comes to decision making every issues must be analyzed in details before the final verdict is given.I brief, the assessment SIGI3 provided an opportunity to overlook at my personal qualities and reflect how such qualities can be used to serve the community. I discovered that I have several values such as leadership, honesty and high integrity, and pay attention. Besides I believe in being independent and analysing information or data in details. These are some of the best qualities for a good leaders which I discovered through the assessment that I posses.

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