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Published: 2021-07-06 06:34:48
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The success of any business process requires the existence of the best leader as well as managerial skills that will make it possible to meet demands in most instances. Such demands revolve around some assumptions as well as core problems, which may equally thwart the success of different sub-systems within the organization. Negligence is an instance that currently makes it hard for businesses to operate efficiently, and Elon Musk, in his description articulates that avoid specific problems as possible in the company. That gives rise to the various priorities to save on life and ensure profitability while addressing critical concerns of the organization.AssumptionsThe accident is prone in organizations, and it is not right to bank on certain assumptions that might not apply in all instances. Most people might regard accidents as collateral damages, an example that is not true. There is need to understand all the dynamics revolving around a case to avoid the emergence of conflict, which might prove detrimental to the ultimate success of the organization. A question that should arise is the best manner to control death in every organization. The justification for the same is still an uphill task since misfortunes will yet transpire in every organization (Rahim, 2017). What then should be the leverage? Every organization should understand that risks are part of the organization and avoid linking such occurrences to personal advantages. That does not thwart the possibility of an individual become self-centered in any case. Such a person might still exist making it possible for individuals to focus on the profitability of the venture. That brings the perspective of the collateral damage. Things will always happen within an organization. The ability to remain mindful makes it possible to address such concerns from a sober ground, and such also promote productivity within the organization. Most corporate leaders feel that they should dictate critical operations without caring about the consequences of their actions. Such an approach mostly leave the consumers vulnerable.Core problemsCommunication is such a significant challenge for most organizations. Individuals will strive to communicate what benefits them at a specific instance. Any delay in communicating critical aspects of the organization occurs when there is need to improve the level of profitability. Musk managed to make official communication a fortnight after the accident. The primary purpose being the ability to make sales and that retaliates since Tesla and Musk managed to sell close to $2bn of the Tesla Stock (Woolf, 2016, July 07). It is apparent that companies communicate what is likely to impact positively on their customers. They are always willing to hide some information, and that is also evident in the field of marketing, in which companies will provide misleading ads as long as their products sell. The approach is not right and mostly effect on customers.In most instances, the symptoms of such a failure are evident, and companies should use all the available means to create an impressive image for their customers. Credibility becomes a matter of the past, and that becomes the first symptom of poor communication within the organization. Moreover, a decline in sales, as well as negative reviews, is a sign that there is something that the organization is not doing right. The management should come forward and benchmark on the issue with the possibility of creating harmony and fostering success within the organization. Such proves as the main approaches to ensure success in the sub-systems as well as the central system.ReferencesRahim, M. A. (2017). Managing conflict in organizations. Routledge.Woolf, N. (2016, July 07). Elon Musk Twitter rant a ‘case study’ in how not to handle a crisis, experts say. Retrieved March 26, 2018, from 

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