Cause and Effect Essay – Learning another Language

Published: 2021-07-06 06:34:47
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Language is the only way of communication with the other people. It is essential in the globalized world to know some basics about the foreign languages especially the common as well as the universal languages. Learning these languages would help in finding good job and to communicate the foreign people. An outnumbered causes and effects could be discussed about learning another language. The main aim of the paper is to discuss the cause and effect of learning another language.The main cause of learning could be the studying of another language as well as knowing how to speak as well so that a good and fluent communication could be carried on. It is helpful for the countries where the foreign language literacy is very low and learning the native language could help us to move around easily. Also the language learning could also cause in making good friends and securing good jobs all around the world.The effects of the learning would be in the development of the personnel knowledge. This effect is highly required as if we have some knowledge we could be able to understand the situations and the norms of the area which is native language locked. Securing job is the most important and the basic aim of a candidate and language would effect a positive point on his profile. Moreover socialization is another beneficial effect of learning the language.In a nutshell it can be concluded that learning different language is essential for anyone. Many causes including education, employment, and travel would be enhanced by just learning a language. The most important would be the learning of a culture and to socialize. The effects will include the developing maturity about the area where the learned language is learned. Learning of language helps not only ourselves but also our family, friends and country as well. 

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