Causes and Ways of Dealing with Poverty as a Problem in the United States of America

Published: 2021-07-06 06:42:30
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Poverty is one of the challenging global phenomena that has affected all continents of the world for decades now. Poverty is the percentage of the entire population of a people of a country that are living on monetary spending of less than 1.25$ on a days spending this is according to the UN data analysis done in the year 2000-2006. It can also be described as the total percentage of a people suffering from hunger in a county (Marris, 2018). There is a split level of poverty referred to as the income poverty which is described as when an individual family income fails to attain the estimated federal threshold where the estimated figure usually differs across different countries. In this discussion, we are to discuss the different causes of poverty across the United States of America and come up with the possible ways to solve the rapidly rising level of poverty across the state. The central stimulant to our deep research on the entire factor is due to the research done by the US census bureau.In the year 2007 to 2010 the level of poverty is said to have increased rapidly from 12.5% to 15.1% due to most of the families that are around are laborers. A basic principle states that an increase in labor leads to a decrease in the number of jobs available hence cannot accommodate the high number of people out looking for work. Similarly, an increase in the number of labors may lead to congestion on the work areas hence leading to the total wages rationing and intern leading to low pay of the workers (Marris, 2018). It was also found out that the rapid level of poverty increase was due to the increasing number of unskilled personnel primarily due to the low educational levels and these automatically lead to unemployment or a low wage bill. This in turn leading to increased poverty since the people are not able to adapt to the economic status of the county.There was also a rapid increase in the poverty level among the blacks from 25.3% to 27.4%, non-Hispanics from 9.4% to 9.9%, Hispanics from 25.3% to 26.6% and the rate of poverty in Asians remained the same in a rate of 12.1%/1. This is mainly because most blacks and Hispanics are said to have a high wage disclination mainly because they have a low level of school attainments hence low levels of required skills and experiences. Similarly, most of the African families are also affected by their cultural perspective. There is a common thought of line mostly used I the US that states that an individual’s poverty is due to his traits, these personality traits such as laziness to educational levels most commonly lead to a rapid increase in the level of poverty. Research has also shown that most of the Asian families have the required levels of education hence reached the required labor skills required by most firms. A simple estimation was done and showed that Asian families earn a higher income than any other ethnic group in the united states of America (Marris, 2018). In the year 2005, the Median income estimated of an Asian family was at 68,957$ while the same median estimated the income of a white family was at 59,124$.The level of poverty I the year 2010 was the highest level of poverty ever recorded since 1993. Also, 2010 had the largest number of people affected by poverty some 46.2 million people of the total population .there are some poverty-related policies which are imposed by the united state government. These policies included: the cash welfare meant to cater for the unemployed people, food vouchers that are used by the poor people to acquire some food, the Medicaid health insurance met to cater for the health conditions of the people, the reduced lunch premium, and the unemployment insurance and the social securities. These policies are good a beneficial and supportive to the people, but they tend to make the people lazy having the mentality that the government will be responsible for there will be these interns reduces levels of education among the people since most will get to the comfort zones to wait for the gifts from the government. With time the government may end up spending a lot of paying for its citizen’s bills hence with time may lead to inflation hence further deepening the levels of poverty in the country.From the year 2009 to 2010 the level of poverty in children under the age of 18 years increased from 20.7% to 22.0%. It increased from 12.9 to 13.7 on middle-aged people between 18 to 64 years and finally there was a non-statistical difference of 9.0%/2 for the people above the age of 65 years.This is because; most children under the age of 18 years living in low-income families hence fully depended on governmental support. Most of them didn’t have the chance to finish their education so its either they dropped at the high school or completely did not have access to educational facilities with these circumstances the small boys are incrassated while the girls are exposed to early teen pregnancies since an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.The middle age people had there rapid increase I the level of poverty since they had no required skills to feature into the job market, this is because of lack of the required education hence most are jobless and end up depending on the government supplies that cannot fully sustain them.The level of poverty on the people above the age of 65 is constant because they are dependent on their children who are working, and also they earn some form of government support. Therefore they do not struggle with life hence are virtually stable with their lives (Lewis, 2017).Poverty may be an international threat but can easily be controlled by the government. In case it tries to implement the following policies .one is by promoting early childhood developments. This is mainly done by ensuring adequate education to the students in the school; this education will enable acquire required skills in the labor market hence inter as they attain the working age they may be easily be absorbed into the job market. The government may also support the disadvantaged youth; mostly these disadvantaged youth are those who have inadequate skills had no privilege to attend school. Hence have no knowledge to take to the markedly, mostly you find these youths engaging in criminal activities, violence, and abusing drugs which may make their life to be a total waste.The government may also improve network and safety support (Lewis, 2017). This will be basically done by designing different programs to lift the poor families programs such as; cash welfare, subsidizing the housing of the people, giving out food vouchers, reduced the price lunch, giving them social securities, and also giving them some good health insurance .for the low waged workers the government through the local governments can raise the earnings with a really low impact on employment .changing the role performed by a race and ethnicity and unequal progress and persistent disparities may be good. Changing the roles and expectations of a specific gender where women would tend to take a lot of time in school hence marry at a late age and have few children reducing overpopulation and intern reducing poverty.After the entire research we came out with the following conclusions and findings;Although the poverty policies introduced by the federal government of the united states of America have economic benefits to the people, they intend to do more harm to the economy rather than good. This is mainly because by making poor people enjoy these benefits with time the number of poor people will increase because people will prefer no working. Hence the government may end up spending a lot of money to the people, and with time it will have to raise the taxes on the individual good to sustain the continuous finding of the people. Thus resulting in inflation and finally leading to deepening the level of poverty in the state.Due to low education standards hence poor or now skills and experiences leads to most guys being unemployed hence increasing the dependency ratio, with such many unemployed people depending on few employed people increases the levels of poverty since the few cannot be able to cater for the many dependents.Demographic characteristics such as age show that most children below 18 years are poor since (boys) are always incrassated while (girls) have teen births leading them to drop out of school at an early age. As a result, this hinders them from accessing their freedom to education leading them to leave in poverty to receive government assistance when they are now fully grownups, and usually, these children have a short life expectancy because they have a poor healthcare attendance.Most people prefer being employing rather than getting self-employment. This increases the level of poverty since it increases the number of people looking for jobs with the few jobs available some may be rendered unemployed due to lack of jobs and for those who get the posts end up earning low amounts of money which cannot adequately sustain them.The government can greatly help to either reduce or completely eradicate the level of poverty this is by taking concern of the youth by making sensitization on the importance of education. It can also help the unprivileged youths by creating opportunities for them to earn income. Finally, the government can set programs to help those poor people who are no able to help themselves.ReferenceMarris, P. (2018). Dilemmas of social reform: poverty and community action in the United States. Routledge.Lewis, O. (2017). The culture of poverty. In Poor Jews (pp. 9-25). Routledge.

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