Change in ABI distributors’ Payment Structure

Published: 2021-07-06 23:16:16
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To: ABI DistributorsFrom: Channel development teamDate: 23rd April, 2018Subject: Change in ABI distributors payment structureI’m writing to provide the distributors with a progressive report about the change in their payment structure which is supposed to commence on the 1st of May, 2018.The company has decided to embark on a cost-cutting program which is as a result of several strategic acquisitions that has involved small competitors. Despite these acquisitions increasing the company’s market coverage, it has also added to its operating costs thus the decision to work on this program.According to a recent report, one of the key cutting cost focus for ABI Beer Company is its distributors. Normally, ABI distributors have been receiving $1.00 for every case of beer that is distributed to a retail channel.In comparison to the MC brewery control, which has been paying their distributors $0.85, upon elimination of the 15-cent margin, ABI estimates that it will save around $200 million per year. These savings will be channeled into something else which will definitely benefit the ABI beer company as a whole.The marketing logistics goal, is to deliver a targeted customer service at the lowest cost possible. This is what we are working towards as a company. With these being put in place, the distributors will also be in a position to serve a larger market and this will help the company grow.If these estimates are applied, this is going to be a conservative measure for ABI and it will therefore enable us to continue distributing beer to our consumers effectively. According to the extensive discussions, implementing this is going to help beat the company’s current high costs.Though this change will initially seem like an extra step and a headache for our distributors, it is necessary. We of course don’t want you to view the ABI beer company as a place of drudgery with pays being cut-off.I encourage a competitive environment and recognize that we certainly won’t be profitable if we fail to place cost-cutting programs as early as now.Best regards,Channel development team

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