Chemical HO2 and food contamination

Published: 2021-07-06 06:33:12
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Case Study 21.The chemical contaminants identified are Bisphenol A, Melanine and stilbene.2.Bisphenol A route contamination is through natural pervasive in sliced pineapple components. It is contaminated through postconsumer in preservation of the food substance found.Stilbene route contamination in Hamburger patty is through hydrocarbondegrading utilization of the microbes. The components are incorporated by bioactive hydroxylated stilbene.Melamine is contaminated through its addition to the ice cream to build clear carbohydrate content in the ice cream. This is estimated through sugar level content in ice cream through inclusion of nitrogen mixture.3.Short term effects of the contaminants The quality of the products is not to the standards for instance in ice cream attracting less usage by consumers.The contaminant additive are very costly and need high level of attentionThe contaminants disappoint the health state of the consumers at first place.Long term effects The contaminants bring about joint inflammation to the consumers.they bring about kidney failurethey bring urinary tract complicationsThey can also bring diabetes mostly melamine once consumed in food products.4.In AU, the contaminants are controlled through legislation commission and quality control. The products are approved through the test control in which the products containing the required substances which are not harmful to the health of human are allowed to be sold.5.The importers indicate the conditions through which the products were transported through which means. The guarantee policy of the products is determined before the importation of the products.Case Study 31.PCBs and PCDFs are the industrial bioaccumulation natural toxics which are very dangerous to the health of human which are released during manufacture of the products. They are chemical contaminates and they are not health once taken in to the body since they contain harmful biota components and therefore they are ecological pointers.2.PCBs and PCDFs contaminates oil through fixation process which is done during sorting of the crude oil. They are blend the oil since they are applied in very high temperatures and therefore chemically combined the atoms making the oil structures. The similar contamination occurs in food since PCBs structures may have late discovery in food additives and therefore untamed.3.Short term effectsthey bring the complication on growth rates of the young childrenit can cause pre-birth effectsthey cause dioxin in human healthit cause maternal bosom effectsbabies born under their effects may have psychological complicationlong term effects in breast feeding women, they cause span extensiontheir effects causes psychomotor to the kidsIn young kids they bring mental disorder and complicationsThey cause dioxin and many deaths especially small children affected.4.The companies should make sure that PCBs and PCDFs are eliminated in manufacture of food additives and alternatives be sued.There should be control of dioxin outflow in food processing. There is should be very strict techniques in controlling the food additives produced in through European association. There should be supply safety of the food substances to avoid the contaminations. There should be very professional checking of the products quality before sold to the consumers. In future time, there should be careful and advanced measures to make sure that PCBs and PCDFs and dioxins are eliminated in food substances by all cost. 

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