Chevy Bolt Marketing Strategy

Published: 2021-07-07 00:11:29
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The company aim to dominate the automobile market through the development of affordable and environmentally friendly vehicles.There are over 3000 dealers distributed to each state which facilitates distribution of the new cars.Product strategy The Chevy vehicles have distinct futures compared to others.For instance, Chevy has more interior space since Bolt’s battery is in the form of a flat pack as opposed to the typical T-shaped block found in the most electric cars.The car is capable of accelerating to 60 miles per hours in 6.5 seconds and can ride on the rough roads.The vehicle has a touch screen of 10.2 inches installed in the cabin which adds more comfort to the users.4G LTE Wi-Fi, Android Auto, and Apple Car-Play are customized features in the Chevy carsThe Chevrolet Bolt EV of 2018 has spacious interior and zippy performancePricingChevy use pricing strategy to compete with other companies such as Tesla.Chevrolet new version that retail at $37, 495 is more economical when using compared to Nissan’s Leaf that retail at $29,000 because Bolt and Nissan’s Leaf have a range of 238 and 107 miles on a single charge respectively.Chevy bolt also enables the users to add new features when they wish to upgrade in future but at a comparatively low price.Distribution strategyChevrolet has ensured that every state has a certified dealer of the Bolt EV that will cater the demand of the customers.The dealers are educated on how to maintain a good relationship with the client hence maintaining customer loyalty.Current Marketing SituationThe company deals with the automobiles and related accessories.The owners of Chevrolet are the General Motors.Approximate 42 percent of the total sales of the general motors is attributed to Chevy.Various championships such as NASCAR and British World Touring Car Championship are the evidence of advanced functional vehicles marketed by Chevrolet.Segmentation targeting positioning in the Chevrolet Marketing StrategyChevrolet understands specific wants and needs of the customer through the use of the geographical and demographic segmentation variables.The company ensures each customer specifications or requirement on cars is met through the use of differentiating targeting strategy.The primary focus of Chevy is the users comfort as well as ensuring that the offered automotive services and product are of high value.Market description Affordability, comfort, gas mileage, and safety are the future that distinguishes the auto brands.Chevy Bolt compete favourably in the market since it offers electric cars at affordable prices.Traditional consumers can purchase cars at Chevy because some vehicles retail at $35,000 or less hence widening the market for Chevy Bolt.The Chevy Bolt addresses customer needs in the targeted segment such as the green pioneer, the urban daily drivers, Midsized Sedan Customer, and an environmentalist on the budget.For example, the urban daily drivers can charge and pack their cars easily since the car is only needed to be charged twice a week and the car length is 164 inch.Competitive ReviewChevy is the only company that retails fully functional electric car at an affordable price in the market.The current leader in the production of the Electric car is General Motors and Tesla.The market will soon have the Tesla model 3 car which will pose more competition to Chevy Bolt.Chevy Bolt was the second in the sales of the electric car according to 2017 US survey on the sales of the electric cars.Channels and Logistics ReviewChevy has prioritized in the production of the Bolt EV to meet the market demand.Every month the company sales approximately 3,000 units.The company is anticipating to produce two new model within 18 months.Chevy will market 20 new model before five years elapses.

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