Child Abuse Essay

Published: 2021-07-06 06:42:06
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Child abuse occurs in situation where a parent or the guardian inflicts injury, death or emotional harm to a child. Child abuse takes many forms some which include neglect, physical abuse or emotional exploitation. The impact or the consequence of the child abuse can be classified under behavioral or mental effects. This research paper will discuss some of the consequences of child abuse and literature on the topics.Child abuse has behavioral impact on a child which interferes with psychological growth up to adulthood. Children who are being abused suffer violence acts ranging from physical, emotional and physiological damage. Family and guardian should be responsible for taking care of their children against abuse. Child abuse at early stage of a child life might lead to emotional instability and depression. Neurobiological researches shows that abused child physiological responses to stimuli are might be affected up to adulthood and such children tend to have wearisome behaviors.Child abuse affect children up to adulthood and some research has shown that issues such as suicide and risk of psychopathology are usually associate with children who were neglected or abused at tender age. Children who grew up in abuse environment tend to be affected in behavior and their brain development is usually interfered with.Reports on maltreatment of an affected child shows mental effects on the abused person and systematically chronicle the cumulative effects of maltreatment and how they can lead to psychiatric symptoms. Maltreatment impacts on the life of an individual and related mental problems experienced by a person are usually due to unresolved issues that occurred earlier in the tender ages. Reports which have utilized the minnesota longitudinal study of risk and adaptation to investigate the factors leading to child abuse and neglect shows that the mental problems that adult experience are triggered by abuses during childhood.

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