Child Abuse Essay

Published: 2021-07-06 23:06:26
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In the past, it has been discovered that people have the habit of suffering abuse silently. Some fear to report cases to authority out of fear that the abuse may get worse if the reported individual discovers so. This ought not to be the case as people require freedom from abuse. The only way in which they can get assistance is through reporting and letting the issue to be handled.When a case of child abuse is reported to a counselor, they need to analyze the information and research on it to establish whether the allegations are true. The counselor needs to know the and behavior of the victim of abuse and their relation with the person who abused them. If the person who abused the child is in power or authority, measures need to be taken to protect the child from further abuse.In this case, where the child is abused and is afraid to report the abuse, as a counselor, one should advise the child on the importance of the person responsible for the violence to be said. This will prevent further injury to them and other children who go through abuse under the same person without reporting their cases. The counselor should inform the authorities to ensure the protection of the child and involve the parents as well.The child should get an assurance that he or she will be protected to avoid further mental stress. If there are any physical injuries caused to the child, medical attention should be sought to ensure that they are in a good health condition. The counselor should go ahead and summon the person reported to have abused the child and find out the truth from them. Legal action should be taken so that the individual is corrected in the mistake that they have done.During the counseling process, the counselor needs to ensure that they do not embarrass the persons involved to the public. They should treat them with dignity, show them their mistakes and correct them in a kind and gentle way. A loving and patient heart is required in this. If the accused individual proves to be arrogant, they should be reported to the authorities to keep them in check and that no further harm is caused.Finally, the child should be taken through a series of guidance and counseling to enable them to get over the trauma caused by the abuse and allow them to grow like other children. They should be treated with love and shown the importance and high value they have.ReferencesWolfe, D. A. (1999). Child abuse: Implications for child development and psychopathology. Thousands Oaks, Calif. [u.a.: Sage Publ.Child abuse & culture. (n.d.).Schwartz-Kenney, B. M. (2001). Child abuse: A global view. Westport, Conn. [u.a.: Greenwood Press.Cicchetti, D., & Carlson, V. (1989). Child Maltreatment; Theory and Research on the Causes and Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect. Press.Korbin, J. E. (1981). Child abuse and neglect: Cross-cultural perspectives. Berkeley: University of California Press.

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