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Published: 2021-07-06 06:39:56
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OverviewChinese culture is known as one of the ancient cultures as it comes up with different forms of evolution and transitions. Different historians claim that Chinese history has its existence dates back to some 5,000 years. The prospect of 2,000 to 2,500 BC is considered as the crucial era as it immensely flourishes the overall culture of China. It is notable to mention that there is the existence of the written form of all the Chinese features related to their ancient mythological origins. This particular prospect is helpful as it provides the necessary historical information of the Chinese culture even today. It seems crucial to thoroughly understand the ancient Chinese civilization to make necessary inferences about the modern cultural structure of the Chinese nation. An ancient form of mythologies, religions, and the political systems are the fundamental teachings and the foundations of the overall paradigm of Chinese culture. Geographical features of China is another crucial feature which defines the cultural aspects of the country. Geographic functioning of the country is isolated due to the feature of the natural barriers. The civilization of China is known as one of the oldest civilization in the human history. The culture of China is known as the standard form of cultural aspect in case of East Asia. Different rich themes related to the philosophical, political, economic, and scientific traditions of the country formulate the overall paradigm of the Chinese culture. Strong bond to the traditions somehow makes it difficult for China to accept the modernity. China significantly and strongly accepts the aspects of commercialization and economic growth which also appear in the form of the overall cultural element. Confucianism is the one primary cultural form of the Chinese nation which can be observed in the different aspects of life in case of Chinese people (“,” 2018).Chinese PracticesThere is the existence of some key features which differentiate Chinese culture from the rest of the culture of the world. Language is one of the significant elements of the Chinese culture which distinguishes Chinese people from the citizens of the other countries (Fan, 2000). The Chinese language can be characterized as the closely-related form of the language which might be a feature as jumbled language. The facet of Chinese language based on the different forms of regional languages which add the feature of variety. It is interesting to mention that the different variations of the single Chinese language portray in the way of 1.2 billion people. These all different varieties contain the aspect of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages. All different varieties of languages come with the different forms of vernaculars and sub-dialects.A non-verbal form of communication is another interesting and critical feature of the Chinese culture. Non-verbal communication is the clear form which indicates the paradigm of volumes. The focus of the Chinese nation is to adopt the approach of the approach of harmony and collaboration for the whole nation. The whole nation is striving to be considered as the dependent group in which people are closely associated with each other. Non-verbal communication has an immense level of impact on the consideration of the nation’s collaborative approach. Chinese culture provider the specific indication about the feature of facial expressions, specific tone of voice and the particular poster of the people during particular life situations (Ji, 2000). Particular Chinese etiquettes and customs are another features which make Chinese culture interesting and different from the other cultures. Chinese people follow the formal form of etiquette in their daily routine life. The specific form of the Chinese culture shows that oldest people always greeted first according to the particular customs.Benefits of Chinese PracticesThe specific practices of the Chinese people provide the necessary indications about their cultural approach. It helps to understand the true spirit of the Chinese culture which prevails in the Chinese society. Language is the major indicator which helps to distinguish the Chinese people from the other people. Undoubtedly, language is the biggest representation of the Chinese culture. Different forms of customs and traditions help top understand the whole spirit of the Chinese culture. Major cultural practices of the Chinese people provide necessary indication that what they perceive about the other people and how they behave in different life situations. The particular paradigm is also valid in case of particular facial expressions of the Chinese people. It will be helpful to understand their way of life more effectively and behave with them accordingly.Personal Objective PerspectiveThe non-ethnocentric approach is considered as the effective approach to understanding the different ethnic group by their culture without the relative judgment in the form of comparison. It comes with the approach to make necessary inferences about the other prevailing cultures without giving importance to the specific culture (Heyd, 2016). This particular approach can be helpful to understand the different cultural facets of the Chinese culture closely. It can be perceived that the Chinese culture is one of the influential cultural statuses in the world. It is the rich form of culture which has its roots in ancient times of civilization. This particular culture comes with the different phases of transitions which can be a witness in the different facets of the Chinese people and their specific approach concerning to the daily life. The key practices related to the Chinese culture are the representation of the overall societal feature of the country. Different prospects of the culture provide the necessary information regarding the overall Chinese (2018). Retrieved from, Y. (2000). A classification of Chinese culture. Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, 7(2), 3–10.Heyd, T. (2016). Encountering Nature: Toward an Environmental Culture. Taylor & Francis. Retrieved from, S. (2000). ‘Face’and polite verbal behaviors in Chinese culture. Journal of Pragmatics, 32(7), 1059–1062.

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