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Published: 2021-07-07 00:19:40
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Columbus was travelling towards the West Indies but because of losing the way, he approached the American Island. The people of the America welcome the European men and they warmly introduced them in their colonies. The English men and the Columbus itself thought that they have reached the West Indies but their disappointment level was very high when they found that there is no Asian race or specie. Columbus wrote a letter to the royal court of Spain in which he explained the issues and the other things related to the new island discovered. The letter was basically the instrumental of Columbus’s voyage for spreading the news throughout the Europe. The main aim of the paper is to discuss the Columbus discoveries with respect to his letter.After the Royal court, all over the Europe was his audience and the most concerned were the English families who afterwards traveled to America and got control of most of it. Since his expectation was to reach the Asia but since he landed to America and ambiguously he wrote a letter in which he explained the America islands as Cuba and Hispaniola. In the very first year of the letter being printed it was translated to many other languages as well.Columbus explained in his observations about the men and women of Arawak truly as they were naked, tawny and full of wonder. When the Columbus and his sailors landed with their swords and using language in odd and wrong ways, the people of that island welcomed them and brought food, water, gifts, and arranged sittings for them. The Columbus men were astonished but still they enjoyed their welcome. Columbus explained that the people of that area were much like Indians and they had strong beliefs in sharing and hospitability. Overall their taboo culture was also explained as weakly modernized or grown. They were agriculture based and mostly grown the corn, yams, and cassava.Columbus explanations about the existence of tigers which don’t exist in the Spain and neither any of the Spanish men have seen a tiger before. The Spanish communities found a lot much curiosity in the foreign land and made plans to visits as they found in the letter of Columbus that the people of that country are welcoming and warm hearted. Columbus have made some observations about the landscape as well in which he explained that the land was beautiful and good looking. There are a number of things of value like gold, silver and minerals. Also the land is found to be rich in aloe trees and snake skin. Also the natives made the visit more incredible as they were not against any move of Columbus.Since Columbus had a royal commitment that he would not do any voyage but the king and Queen supported him completely of his attempt of long journey in which he discovered America. Since the royal court was completely bounded with the Spanish cathedral but still the kingship allowed Columbus acts of visiting America as they had observed the ways of expansion. It is explained that there would be no other evidence of Columbus actions and only his letters. Still there is a concept that there were a number of stories which were told by the companions of him after reaching back to the country.In a nutshell, Columbus discovered a new civilization in which he was able to judge understand and interpret the completely different civilization. It was a great achievement for the Europeans and that’s why they started publishing the Columbus letter in different languages throughout the Europe. Columbus discovered a land completely different from the native Spanish environment and stated different and overwhelming comments for it.Works CitedSabatino, Jennifer A., et al. “Improving prescribing practices: A pharmacist‐led educational intervention for nurse practitioner students.” Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 29.5 (2017): 248-254.Flint, Valerie Irene Jane. The imaginative landscape of Christopher Columbus. Princeton University Press, 2017.Jane, Cecil, ed. Select documents illustrating the four voyages of Columbus: including those contained in RH Major’s Select letters of Christopher Columbus. Vol. 1. Routledge, 2017.

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