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Published: 2021-07-06 06:35:40
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QUESTION 1 There are so many challenges that face the cloud computing .First the main challenge is that of privacy and security .This problem is faced and has great concerns to clients .There is hacking and attacks that happen in the cloud infrastructure .Hacking can distract many clients even though it is one site that is attacked .The problem can be avoided by installing security applications and data software so as to keep track of unusual behaviors that might happen. An organization is supposed to follow the rules and regulations of the security rules to avoid the hacking problem .Another problem it is that cost management and containment. Cloud computing can help one to save money because a business person is not supposed to make several business enterprises .However cloud computing might be a problem because you might not know the project quantities and the costs of the whole project(Buyya,2009).QUESTION 2An architecture forms an elastic storage that ensures that the cloud consumer fits all its information .They use the modern technology to do store their information in the database .Architectures use the redundant storage system by this they are supposed to introduce the secondary duplicate cloud storage that is supposed to synchronize the primary cloud storage .This secondary storage will be of help when the primary storage fails .This can be done through a gateway that allows the information to be used even when the primary information is not in use .The secondary device forwards the requests to the LUNS in order to continue accessing the data. Where the secondary data is located can be used through the use of the synchronization and the protocols that have been observed .Most people who observe the cloud use the devices for storage in order to control the storage and improve its redundancy.ReferencesBuyya, R., Yeo, C. S., Venugopal, S., Bromberg, J., & Brandic, I. (2009). Cloud computing and emerging IT platforms: Vision, hype, and reality for delivering computing as the 5th utility. Future Generation computer systems, 25(6), 599-616.

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