Commercial Treatment for an International Students’ App

Published: 2021-07-06 06:35:26
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The main purpose of this commercial treatment is to market the international students’ app, not only to students studying in foreign countries but also to the educational institutions themselves. By leveraging already existing platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, the treatment will provide the required results. The commercial treatment is designed to be in tandem with existing content and branding for the application.The target audience for this commercial include, but not limited to, international students whether financially stable or not, parents of such children, student bodies, and organizations, management of all higher learning institutions, non-governmental organizations promoting education as well as government institutions, which support education and students. The application is a nouveau creation, which encompasses an array of student-friendly features to facilitate interactions by these students.More often than not, the change of environment, culture, and language differences makes international students feel alienated rather than make them feel a part of the larger student community. As such, the application comes in handy to help students studying away from home have a near-to home if not a homely feeling. Through chatting with other like them, the applications helps international students exchange ideas and share experiences from their respective foreign schools. Thus, the app will create a link to bring together this often forgotten group.For this purpose, the market demographic entailing audience considerations are primarily international students who are in their youth. Such people should be able to access the application from the apps parent site as well as downloading the app from Play Store. The key rationale for this particular demographic is the feeling of being left out. To enhance association, the commercial will use a student of a foreign decent relaxing in a school’s social place with no friends and company. Some distance from her is a group of local students having fun, enjoying their culture and conversing in their local dialects.The girl is lonely and can only get by through reading a novel, which later turns out not to be much of a help. Suddenly, a young male, also an international student, joins the girl and they exchange greetings. On getting to know each other and sharing experiences on how bored and socially deprived they feel, the boy mentions of an app (our app) he read about, which serves as an interaction platform for students like them. The duo downloads the app signs up and starts making friends. Since the culture and language alienation is common in a majority of the international students, the duo easily gets on with making new friends online. Being a Friday evening, and with no classes over the weekend, the duo will help form a group of international friends in the vicinity and plan to attend a music festival in town later that day.So as to enhance social and personal appeal, the commercial treatment could feature an international student who is already using the app. Here, the international student will compare and contrast their life before knowing the app and after learning of our platform. This will prove helpful since the application is targeting lonely international students who need a platform to socialize, make friends, share experiences and advice their kinds.

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