Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS)

Published: 2021-07-06 06:44:19
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CCGPS stands for the Common Core Georgia performance standards. Georgia and other 40 states have adopted the CCGPS. The common core Georgia performance standards were released on 2 June. These standards were developed with the collaboration of experts, teachers and school administrators. They provide the consistent and clear framework so that such standards would be sufficient for the student’s performance in the long run. The Georgia board of examination had adopted officially the CCGPS on 8 July 2010. After the adoption, the Georgia board of review makes it compulsory to be implemented till the start of 2012. The CCGPA proved the competitive edge throughout the world for the students by preparing them for the colleges and professional life. Nowadays, these standards are working to enhance the performance of graduate students so that they can be able to get success in the credit-bearing academic college courses and can take part in workforce training programs (“CCGPS,” 2017).GAGPS is the Georgia Performance Standards that provides clear expectations for assessment, instructions and student’s work. These standards were established earlier to the common core Georgia performance standards. These rules define the work level that further focuses on the standard’s achievement. It enables teachers to know that how good information is good enough. These standards identify the skills to provide the problem-solving abilities. It helps in communication and makes connectivity with the other information. These standards are being used in the educational setting and prove very helpful. These measures assist teachers to know how to assess the extent to which students can learn the information and can be able to implement in the daily living. GAGPS integrates the content standard that tells the teachers that what the students want and how they would learn the lesion. Furthermore, such measures assist them in knowing three additional items that include simple student work, suggested task, and teacher’s explanation on that job (“Georgia Performance Standards (GPS),” 2017).Georgia Standards of Excellence are mostly known as GSE. GSE provides the consistent framework that prepares students for their future studies. It assists in enhancing the student’s success in the twenty-first century when there is the overflow of knowledge, and there is too much competition. To compete in the educational settings, the Georgia standards of excellence are well-developed as they mostly focus on the English and Mathematics. These two subjects have too much implication in the future, and these two are taken as complicated among students. GSE is established to sort out such issues. The proper work on the GSE started from 19 February 2015 when State Board of Education when they changed the name of ELA and Mathematics to the Georgia standards of Excellence. Its implementations seem in 2015-2016 when GSE has revised the ELA and mathematics standards to enhance the chances of students in the future life through providing them effective information (“Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE),” 2017).CCGPS is organized in a way so that student would get the deeper understanding of the curriculum that they are going to study for the next whole year. IT is the utmost responsibility of the teachers to develop the lesson man by adding the depth of knowledge-based information to maximize student’s learning. The depth of knowledge framework was supposed to be used by teachers within the school (“CCGPS,” 2017). Secondly, GACPS is also organizing in a way that makes the student literate in science and brings information related to science and content. The instructions are arranged in a way that they would be treated together with the class notes. While organization, it is considered the teacher’s responsibility to plan a lesson in a way that it would meet the characteristics of the students. Therefore, it is considered student centers, hands-on and inquiry-based approach (“Georgia Performance Standards (GPS),” 2017). Lastly, GSE includes standards that are organized in a way that provides useful specificity that provides flexibility in the course design. In this method, teachers have the free opportunity to select tool whatever they prefer in the educational setting (“Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE),” 2017).Cognitive Objectives for Day One:Integrate Knowledge IdeasPrepare LessonsAffective Objectives for Day One:Regular assessmentsEncourage ParticipationLiterature readingPsychomotor Objectives for Day One:Planned writing in the form of types and purposeComprehensionDay 2 State Standards:1. Cognitive Objectives for Day Two:Innovative thinkingCreative writing2. Affective Objectives for Day Two: Written and Oral testsLiterature AssignmentsPsychomotor Objectives for Day Two:ListeningSpeakingDay 3 State Standards:Cognitive Objectives for Day Three:Essay writingTransforming ideas into writing2. Affective Objectives for Day Three:VocabularyWriting skillsPsychomotor Objectives for Day Three:SpeakingPresentationsCross questioningI believe that the CCGPS are best to enhance the deeper understanding of the students regarding their curriculum. Most of the time, sudden complete their course but even do not know that objective of their course that why it was taught to them. Therefore, I think it is best to enhance the in-depth learning of the students in the educational domains. In my opinion, GPA is also handy to increase the performance of the students regarding science and math for which students can get best carriers. CCGPS and GAGPS are effective in the educational institute but I personally more like the Georgia standards of excellence as they focus merely on the success of the student and makeable for future life. These standards should be based on providing excellent opportunities to the students in the form of providing them the quality education.ReferencesCCGPS. (2017). Retrieved from Performance Standards (GPS). (2017). Retrieved from Standards of Excellence (GSE). (2017). Retrieved from

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