Commonalities between Katniss and Lida

Published: 2021-07-06 23:16:20
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Both are committed to the survival of their family members.Katniss struggles to break certain laws in order to put food on table because most people needed her services. Both women do a lot to make sure their family members are continuously and fully providedBoth are fierce womenThe instincts of Katniss and Lida is to kill. After Rues murder Katniss killed people and also more than determined to kill even more. She has strong emotions as her temper is always translated as impulsive actions. When both decided to love close people they vowed to do so until death threw them apart. It is evident that Katniss installs qualms of hope and love to Peeta that he actually admires as she reminds him of his mother. Katnisssaid, “the idea of losing Peeta hit me and I realized how much I don’t want him to die” (Suzanne 297)Both are fire womenLida’s fire is astrong and destructive kind of fire that usually destroys thing that comes her way.How their stories are meaningful to young readers?As a young reader the stories have taught me important lessons about life, loveand bravery especially as brought out by the two heroines Katniss Everdeen and Lida.Be yourselfAccording to Katniss and Lida, survival is not determined by skill and wit alone, but also lifesaving gifts in the greatestneed. Therefore, I should not try hard to make other people like me. This is because being herself makes Katniss and Lida wins supporters and sponsors. “why don’t you be yourself?” (Suzanne 121).Family is everythingYoung readers should have learnt important aspects from Katrina and Lida lives. Their purpose in life is caring for their family as their inner strength comes from their need and desire to protect their sisters during their dangerous ordeals.Perseverance countsYoung readers should be aware that they should never give up no matter the presences of impossible odds and several crushing setbacks in life. As a reader I should strive to succeed and never feel sorry for myself if I fail in a certain point in life.Focus and hard work helpsYoung readers should be willing to try and be able to overcome the odds against them in order for them to succeed, Katniss and Lida does not let their mind to be distracted by useless thought which can’t change the situation.How do they maintain their humanity? How do they do more than that and fight back in the small ways?Katniss is seen as a kind person form the start of the story. When Katniss finds love with Peeta her focus often drifts behind to save him. He encourages her to talk and share her feelings helping her to maintain her Humanity. Katniss waling consciousness,” there’s no way to take revenge on the Capitol. Is there?” (Suzanne 236-237). Lida’s desire and concern to fulfil her sisters promises makes determined to find her. Lida and her friends conspire to block Nazis’ efforts and this leaves her emotionally traumatized. Their desire to save and re unite with their family is what keeps them fighting in the smallest ways available to them.LessonsBe kind to your enemiesKatniss kindness to Rue earned her respect sparkling a movement in the district to stop evils in the Capitol. Therefore, a simple gesture of kindness has the power to instill change when one person does not give up in a war.We should not be hesitant to accept helpIn the face of certain problems, a person should accept help in order to succeed and overcome the challenge. Lidasays, “you’re right. Zenia.But I am still looking forward to working with you” (Skrypuch 96)What courage might readers take from these booksReaders should be aware that true strength comes from within. The love for Peeta and family makes Katniss stronger and brave. This a quality that I should borrow in order to counter day to day life challenges.What makes these characters unique?The idea of gender dynamics in these stories about these two characters makes them outstanding and unique. It’s refreshing to see how these girl’skindness and care for their family makes them fight in a fierce manner.Work citedCollins, Suzanne. The Hunger Games Complete Trilogy. Scholastic UK, 2013.Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk. Making Bombs for Hitler. Scholastic Canada, 2012.

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