Communication in an Organization

Published: 2021-07-06 06:34:45
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Communication is such an essential instance within an organization, and every stakeholder should understand its value to minimize conflict and strike a balance of critical management issues. Lack of communication is usually the primary cause of most problems within an organization. There is need to communicate both good and bad incidences within an organization since they improve trust and build a strong relationship. The use of direct as well as a transparent way of communication also plays a significant role in the formation of a long-lasting relationship, which still proves useful in the organization.The problem that currently stands out is lack of communication within most organizations. The executive is only willing to disclose information that will translate to profitability. The impact of such an instance is detrimental to the ultimate performance within the organization since it thwarts the possibility of having trust within the organization (Leigh, Watkins, Platt & Kaufman, 2000). Currently, the manner of communication is top-down, and that limits information sharing to a more significant extent. People have divergent ideas, and the ability to all the ideas on the table makes it possible to solve critical challenges that might arise within the organization. Moreover, having an open form of communication improves the level of creativity within the organization.The mission statement of most organizations is customer-centric. As a consequence, the ability to have an efficient way of communication within the organization makes the realization of such a mission statement possible and will indeed foster success in critical departments of the organization. Lack of communication is currently a problem that relates to the top executives. Communication is such a vital aspect and should follow every element within the organization. Organizational initiatives such as profitability are the leading cause of the problem. As articulated earlier, it is evident that the executives will be willing to communicate specific information without considering the needs of the junior within the venture. That limits information sharing.Solving the issue is never an uphill task since, with the help of training, it is possible to change the mindset of the top executive and make it possible to embrace diversity. The ability to understand that people are different is indeed the first step to eliminate conflicts that might arise within organizations (Leigh, Watkins, Platt & Kaufman, 2000). The issue of communication relates to job design since there is need to communicate all the technological demands of the organization. People have different skill, and through communication, it becomes apparent to sign task to individuals with the best skills. That gives rise to specialization and later translate to productivity within the organization.Some approaches exist to measure effective communication within an organization. Conducting a regular survey of employees and customers is one way of achieving such in an organization. The questions asked during the survey should be specific and scrutinize on critical issues related to the organization. For instance, asking the customers on the manner in which they learned of the products and services offered within the organization is critical since it examines on the marketing efforts within the organization. The performance criteria are appropriate. That applies since it provides SMART results, which improves on some aspects related to the organization.In conclusion, need an assessment is such an essential aspect of every organization, and it is the role of the executives to understand how to strike a balance between the current performance and the desired performance. Such an instance makes it possible to work on the weaknesses within the organization.References(n.d.). Retrieved March 27, 2018, from, D., Watkins, R., Platt, W. A., & Kaufman, R. (2000). Alternative models of needs assessment: Selecting the right one for your organization. Human Resource Development Quarterly, 11(1), 87.

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