Company XY Decision-Making Process

Published: 2021-07-06 06:25:35
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IntroductionDecision-making process is a vital stage for successful management of an organization. It is the primary responsibility of the management of any organization where managers are required to make an ethical decision. As stated by Budd (2012) ethical and an efficient decision-making process usually involves series of stages which need an input of information at various steps of the process, as well as steps that need to be followed to receive feedbacks. Manages should get involved in every step of the decision to ensure that decision made both in immediate goals and short-term are all in line with an organization long term objectives. Generally, in most organizations CEOs are the final decision makers and any decision is arrived after series of consultations among the top-level managers and other staffs. The decision-making process of the company shall be first to identifying a problem, generating alternatives, evaluating the alternative, implement the alternative, and evaluate the decision made.However, in Company XY, the CEO is expected to be in charge of daily operations of the organization and therefore, he or she is the final decision maker. According to Budd (2012), decision-making process must be able to arrive at an amicable solution to a problem. In the course of making a decision, it necessary to first understand and recognize why such decisions are required (Battaglia, 2016). A problem or an issue would be identified first, and this can be done by either the CEO or any senior managers. In some cases, an employee would be allowed to raise a problem and decision is made on how to solve it.After identifying a problem, it is important to come up with an alternative which can provide ways of solving the problem identified. Therefore, the second stage of the decision-making process of Company XY shall be generating alternatives of an issue or a problem identified earlier. Addressing a problem requires teamwork, and therefore, different managers and senior employees shall be consulted. Since Company XY believes in inclusivity and consultation, brainstorming shall be the best method to use in coming up with an alternative to the problem identified. Departmental managers and senior would be a serious discussion and arrive at the best alternative which can solve the problem to ensure that every employee is contented.As stated by Paradise and Dejoie (2015) once an alternative has been reached, it is important to evaluate it. At this stage, managers are required to look into every alternative presented and seriously gauged them based on ability to assist the organization to achieve its desired goals. Managers shall have to discuss and agreed to settle on one alternative as the best solution for an issue or a problem identified earlier. The primary work at this stage of decision-making is to evaluate various alternative presented by managers and arrived at the best one which can be beneficial to the organization.The next step would be for the managers to choose the alternative from the list evaluated alternative for implementation purpose. An alternative choose by managers should be able to meet the demands of an organization as well as the needs of employees. It is important because every decision made in the organization is supposed to serve the interest of the company and also to ensure that ethical standards are kept to protect an interest of both the company and employees or workers. For instance, a decision to sack or fire striking workers cannot be made without finding a better solution and putting business and employees’ interest on the table.The final stage of the decision-making process is evaluating the decision made the management of the organization. Evaluation of decision made can be carried out either by the CEO or a team of consultants appointed by the board of an organization and therefore, company XY shall use external consultants to assist it in evaluating the effectiveness of decision made to sort out a problem.In conclusion, the decision-making process of company XY shall be identifying problems, coming up with alternatives, evaluating various alternatives suggested by managers, choosing the best alternative, implementing a decision made by managers or employees and finally assessing the effectiveness of the decision. It is clear that every stage in the decision-making process is essential and therefore, managers must consider it. It is because growth, target, and goals are impossible to achieve without having a proper decision-making process.ReferencesBattaglia, M. (2016). Framework for Making Ethical Decisions. The Six Step Guide to EthicalSuccess, 2-35, Volume 12, Issue 21.Budd, J. (2012). Labor Relations: Striking a Balance. Chicago: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.Paradise, D., & Dejoie, R. (2015). The Ethical Decision-Making Process of Information SystemWorkers. Journal of Business Ethics, 12-35, Volume 2, Issue 12.

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