Compare and contrast common law burglary to modern law burglary

Published: 2021-07-07 00:12:37
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IntroductionThe unlawful entry in the premises of any structure in which the person who is intending or committing is not allowed lawfully known as Burglary. The structure can be any form or kind either a home or office of someone which owned by any entity and the entrance to that structure requires the permission. The discussion involves the nature and intention of attempt in which the unlawful entry has been committed whether the entry consists of committing theft or any other crime is being committed through such act. The difference between common and modern law of burglary.DiscussionThe modern law lacks the breaking word specifically when it comes to burglary while discussing the difference in common and modern law. The modern law emphasized on the unlawful or unauthorized entry. Also, as contrast of the modern law to common law of burglary the degrees has been defined such as first, second or continues. The degree defines the act as per the seriousness of the committed unlawful or unauthorized entry. The burglary was originally came from the common law and after that the state had turned and revised it into the modern law system. Both the modern and common law are not entirely different but comprises many points as same. Those points on which both the law system agrees upon are condemning the unlawful access to any place where the difference is in modern the unawareness of the owner is considered and in common law the unawareness of the owner relates with the robbery. The modern law which had revised this it, considered burglary only applies on the structure or building and included the home but the common law only emphasizes on the structure or building only regardless of the nature.ConclusionsIn conclusion, the modern law of burglary and the common law of burglary are somehow different and closely relates to each other but the critics on the modern law emphasize on the few amendments done on it. The unlawful authorization of commercial structure and the home should be considered differently because of the nature of crime which can be committed using this criminal act.Works CitedBurnham, William. Introduction to the law and legal system of the United States. West Academic Publishing, 2016.

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