Compensation Exercise

Published: 2021-07-06 06:30:49
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Ranking of the job from top to lowest 1. Job Developer2. Service Coordinator3. Education/Training Coordinator4. Youth Coordinator5. Fiscal Specialist6. Quality Assurance Monitor7. Program Support SpecialistAssumptions impacting to such ranks Each group of the job specialist will be serving the different individual in different social classes. The individual served are considered to be economically sufficient. Again it is focused on making people achieve their goals and reach their opportunities in the full potential manner. The specialists for each job are assumed to have been in a position of coming up with other local forms of the organizations to cater for the low level of the income in each particular region.Salary determination The aim of each particular type of the job is very much crucial in determining the level of the salary and the amount to be paid. It is usually and normal that each post will be serving different levels of individual and it is always fact that different situations have different levels of technicality and therefore this will affect the way the salary made in such jobs.

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