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Published: 2021-07-07 00:03:08
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Task 1The computer is basically comprised of two entities; the hardware and software components (Siewiorek & Swarz 2017). The two work hand in hand to ensure that the computer is able to implement the task assigned. For example, for information to be processed, the computer need to be fed with data which is then processed to provide information. However the hardware and software have their different function as discussed below;Functions of hardwareThe hardware components are usually divided into two. The internal system unit components such as the motherboard and hard drives and the peripherals such as printers, cameras, and the external drives. These are the devices through which the computer user is able to feed in data into the software for them to get processed information.Functions of the operating system softwareThe operating system software is the interface between the hardware and the application software in the computer. Its main function is to translate the data that has been fed into the computer is search a way that the application software can process it and give the desired information. Most of the functions of the operating system software are hidden from the user and are thus executed behind the scenes.Question 2Considerations for the hardware componentsAny business needs to make computer purchases often. It is important to note that different organizations have different needs and thus need to make considerations before making any purchase (Siewiorek & Swarz 2017). The hardware components are essential as they determine the functionality of the computer in general. There are therefore some considerations that need to be made before purchasing the hardware.The hard driveHard drives refer to the place where most of the company files and programs are stored within the computer. When going for the hard drive, the speed and size are two important factors that should come to mind. Depending on the amount of data that need to be stored, the size of the hard drive matters most. On the other hand, the hard drive needs to contain speeds that meet the company needs when both storing and retrieving information. Hard drives that are not up to the needs of the company should, therefore, be done away with.ProcessorThe processor also referred to as the central processing unit acts as the brain of the computer and oversees the execution of all commands into and out of the computer. The speed of the processor should, therefore, be topping the list since it determines how fast business transactions can be executed using the computer.Operating systemThere are different operating systems that are there in the market today. We have windows, which is by far the most widely used operating system in the world today, there is also the open source alternative operating systems that mostly run on Linux and the Apple operating system (Anderson, et al. 2016). Depending on the needs of the company, the management can choose from the alternatives.Question 3The key utilities operating system software allowing the user to customize their desktop and keep their pc optimized and maintained include;The antivirus – allows for the user to scan their computer and get rid of any viruses that may harm not only their computer but may also corrupt the files.Data synchronization utilities – used to establish a consistent path between a data source and the target storage space.File managers – with file managers, the user can manage their files while updating folders and ensuring that all files are in their rightful place. File managers also assist in data recovery and information extraction.ReferencesSiewiorek, D., & Swarz, R. (2017). Reliable Computer Systems: Design and Evaluatuion. Digital Press.Anderson, J., Hu, H., Agarwal, U., Lowery, C., Li, H., & Apon, A. (2016, February). Performance considerations of network functions virtualization using containers. In Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC), 2016 International Conference on (pp. 1-7). IEEE. 

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